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Over the past decade, the streaming industry has stumbled upon a number of challenges, including:

  • The streamers lack the ability to make money from their hobbies
  • Users can not make money of the platforms and take part in making content
  • No interaction during the streams

The 4stream project proposes to solve them by blockchain technology. Each user who contributes to the platform's development will be rewarded. And we are talking not only about content creators, but also about regular viewers.

The users will be able to make money from watching ads within the platform. The platform will also feature various daily quests (tasks), by completing which the users will get tokens. The most active users will receive bonuses in form of a share of the platform's revenue.

To start earning, streamers do not need to wait for a certain amount of time or reach the desired number of impressions. All you need to do is just launch the broadcast and start earning.

In order to draw additional interest to the streams from people who are proficient in cybersports or those who like gambling, the platform has introduced betting. Each user will be able to bet on the winner either before the match begins or during the live session and earn additional money. Before the game users will be able to bet on the final score, and during the live session they can make bets on additional events. The platform will take a small commission from every deposit.

The project roadmap can be found HERE.

IEO 4stream on the Inanomo platform will be held august 27 at 12.00 UTC

Total volume of issued tokens: 20 000 000 FSTR (100%)

Dedicated to crowdfunding: 10 000 000 FSTR (50%)

Development team: 4,000,000 FSTR (20%)

Operating Fund: 6,000,000 FSTR (30%)

There will be no additional token issuance.

The project team's tokens will be frozen for a period of 18 months.

Operating Fund tokens are not intended for sale and will be frozen until the alpha version is released.

After the completion of the IEO, the entire amount of fees will be transferred to the insurance Fund and set in support at the starting price for a period of 6 months.

The total number of tokens for sale: 10 000 000 FSTR

Sale price: 0.00000100 BTC

Buy Limit: 0.025 BTC

Soft cap: 3 BTC

Hard cap: 10 BTC

It is possible to increase the purchase limit by the IBTN token. More about it HERE.

You can find out all the details about the project on the official website, and get acquainted with the community and ask any questions you may have in our Telegram channel.

The FSTR-BTC currency pair can be found HERE.

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