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Inanomo Bounty Token, IBTN - is an exchange-based bonus token that allows, at each IEO held on the Inanomo platform, to increase the purchase limit for sold tokens at the start.

The first issue of IBTN tokens took place after the IEO of the Cybel project in the amount of 7 IBTN = 7 BTC. Everyone who bought CBL tokens from the start of the sale has already received IBTN tokens in proportion to the number of purchased CBL tokens. The IBTN coin is subdivided to 10 decimal places.

 The number of additionally issued IBTN tokens is equal to the capitalization of the next IEO in proportion to BTC.

 The presence of IBTN tokens provides the following benefits, described below.

 With a quantity of 0.1 coins:

  1. a) on the balance sheet - the owner receives + 10% to the purchase limit from the start of the next IEO tokens;
  2. b) after burning - the owner gets + 20% (forever).

 The percentage can be added (subtracted) according to the laws of arithmetic (not compound percent).

 Trading of the IBTN/BTC pair on the Inanomo platform will start on July 20, 2020 at 14:00 UTC. Bonus tokens will be available for trading and transfers without any restrictions.

The token contract can be found here.

The IBTN/BTC trading pair can be found here.

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