What is Safe IEO on Inanomo.

Safe IEO

What is Safe IEO on Inanomo.


This is the initial offer of tokens in the market with a 100% insurance fund.

Having bought tokens on IEO, your investment is insured against losses, the price can not fall below the starting price.


Why can't the price fall?

At the end of the sale, an insurance order for 100% capitalization is established at the selling price. Thanks to this, the price technically cannot fall lower, since in this case there will be no tokens on the market.


Let's look at the first Safe IEO - Tridac

50,000,000 Tokens Sold on IEO

Starting price 10 sat

At the end of the sale, an insurance order of 10 sat for 50,000,000 tokens was established


As we can see, the course approached this order and immediately bounced off since it cannot fall below



Now let's look at how to get involved in IEO

1. First you need to register on the exchange


2. After registration, replenish your balance and convert to BTC

We replenish the balance by going to the tab “Balance account”


After a successful replenishment, go to the "Currency Conversion" tab and make an exchange for BTC


3. Next, you need to transfer BTC from the balance sheet account to the trading account.

To do this, go to the "trading account" tab and click replenish

4. Now you are ready to switch to IEO trading pair



In the center there is a timer at the end of which trading will begin

In the right corner there is a window for creating an order, there is a “market” and “limit”


Choose the one that suits you and enter the desired number of tokens that you want to purchase.

At the end of the timer, click "create a request".

5. Congratulations, you have purchased tokens!

6. At the end of the sale, an insurance order is established and you do not risk losing your investments

7. After purchasing tokens, you can sell them at a price that suits you. In the case of TID, at the moment you could earn up to 120%, you can also continue to hold tokens and wait for the project to release its product.

Start getting profit with Inanomo