Tournament SuperSonic

SuperSonic rules

On November 12, at 12:00 (UTC), a tournament for trading the previously placed SNC game token starts.

The tournament will last 6 days from the above start time to 20:00 (UTC) on November 17th.

The total prize pool will be 30k ING!

In addition to the main opportunity to make money on the difference in the token rate, there are 2 types of prizes waiting for you:


The time to participate in the nomination is from 12:00 to 20:00 (UTC).

Dates: November 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 2020.

November 15th for this competition is a day off.

You can trade outside of this time, as well as on November 15th, but these actions will not count towards for this type of prizes.

3 prizes for each day of this competition will go to those who make a purchase at the maximum price.

The purchase must be made for at least 20 ING.

3k ING per day will be split as follows:

1st place - 1500 ING;

2nd place - 1000 ING;

3rd place - 500 ING.

In the case of an equal maximum purchase price between several participants, the winner will be the last bought one.

Important: the stop for this competition is at 23:00 - purchases made at exactly 23:00 will not be counted!


Tickets for participation in this lottery are awarded if the amount of purchases is greater than the amount of sales.

A ticket is awarded for every 10 ING spent.

The calculations are carried out as follows: the participant bought 10 SNC at 100 ING and sold 5 SNC for 200 ING - the total final result is 0, accordingly, the participant will not receive tickets. In the same example, if a participant sold 6 SNC for 200 ING, then the final result is +200 ING, i.e. also the participant will not receive tickets. And if he sold 4 SNC for 200 ING, his final result is 200 ING and, accordingly, the participant will receive 20 tickets.

For just buying SNC for 10 ING (without subsequent sale), 1 ticket is also credited. Accordingly, any purchase without sale for n * 10 ING = n tickets.

A ticket is a virtual entity. Each ticket will be listed separately, from which 100 random prizes will be selected for all days of the competition.

15k ING for 6 days will be distributed as follows:

1st Prize: 2600 ING

2nd Prize: 1600 ING

3rd Prize: 1100 ING

4th - 100th Prize: 100 ING

One participant can receive several prizes.

SNC tokens for winning the Underdog lottery are seized and burned when the prize is awarded.

The participant has the right to refuse the prize and keep SNC tokens with him.

All prizes will be credited within 5 days after the end of the tournament.

Tokens to participate in the Underdog lottery must remain in hand until the prize is awarded.

Ask questions about the conditions in our telegram chat - and based on the answers, if necessary, we will make a separate post so that there are no different interpretations of the rules.

The ING-USD pair can be found here.

The SNC-ING can be found here.

We wish you all success!

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