The first round of Safe IEO from the Inanomo exchange

Inanomo Nominum

On January 21, 2021 at 12:00 (UTC time), the first round of a secure IEO of the Inanomo Nominum exchange token (INOM) will be held on our platform.

About rounds:

The INOM exchange token will be traded in different rounds (INOM-A, INOM-B, etc.) which will be held during 2021.

We guarantee that during this time we will conduct a placement of the INOM token. All tokens of the pre-sale rounds will be automatically converted into INOM with an additional bonus as soon as the INOM token will be listed.

Thus, participating in pre-sale rounds and becoming an early investor of our platform is more profitable than buying INOM token during the public sale, which will take place before the end of 2021.

Each round there will be a different token with its own capitalization, which will be decreasing over time due to the burning of INOM. It will be burnt in order to receive bonuses at the trading platform.

About token:

INOM is the exchange token on which the entire ecosystem of the Inanomo platform will be built.

It will be giving bonuses to trading commissions, farming pools and staking on the platform, as well as bonuses to the referral program.

In the future, the number of bonuses will only be increasing.

About the first round of IEO:

- A total of 50,000 INOM [A] will be available

- Sale price: $10

- Min. Limit: $1 / 0.1 INOM

- Max. Limit: $100k / 10k INOM

- A safety order will be placed at the starting price. It will last until the convesion into INOM

- The token will be placed in a pair with USD. Thus, the income will actually be in a currency that does not depend on the crypto market fluctuations;

- From the moment of offering itself, this particular token begins to be traded. Open-market purchases and sales will be opened. At any time, it is possible to sell the purchased tokens. You can also sell them into the safety order with a bonus from staking (staking does not cause additional emission) 

About staking:

INOM staking will be launched right after the IEO, with an income of 0.1% per day. The minimum staking time for a token is 2 weeks.

The estimated profit from staking will be not less than 36% annual passive income.

Staking is our buyout of this token from the market and its accrual to clients. This means that the safety order will always contain the full volume of the current emission.

The funds, covering the costs of advertising and expansion will be freed with a decrease in volume of the safety order due to burning a part of the emission.

About the funds raised:

By holding this round, we guarantee to finalize on the exchange what we did not manage to do due to the launch of the INO gaming platform: 

⁃ Futures;

⁃ 5-level affiliate program;

⁃ Pools of liquidity;

⁃ Notification system;

⁃ Complete mobile application.

Most of the funds released from the safety order will be spent on the implementation of a marketing strategy to attract new customers.

About the buying strategy for different rounds:

Why would it be more profitable for new participants to buy the second INOM [B] token during the second round of IEO, and not the first, if you failed to participate in the first round?

The answer is simple. These intermediate tokens will be converted with a bonus on the exchange by the end of 2021. The bonus itself is dynamic.

This means that if you bought during the offering and kept it the whole time, you will receive the maximum bonus. But after, let’s say, 2 months this will already be much less. Thus, the one who enters the first round and holds it will receive the maximum bonus. But for the one who comes to the second round, it will be more profitable to buy a separate second offering in the second round, since his bonus for the second round will eventually be greater by the end rather than if he had bought the first-round token in a moment.

The full scheme of conversion bonuses for the first round will be described shortly.

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