Take money prizes with Inanomo

Dear participants!

Right now, on the INANOMO cryptocurrency exchange, several tournaments are taking place at once, with real money prizes !!!

You can discuss them and ask questions in our telegram chat

1. Introduce your friends with the Inanomo Exchange

Prizes of the most active participants will be:

1st place: 15 000 rub

2nd place: 10 000 rub

3 place: 5 000 rub

4th place: 3 000 rub

5th place: 2 000 rub

And also: 10 random users who will lead from 5 friends will share among themselves a pool of 10,000 rubles.

The conditions for participation are simple:

✅ Go to the bot and fulfill all the conditions;

✅ Get a referral link from it and invite as many friends as possible.

The promotion period is from 05/18/20 to 06/12/20

Only real users are taken into account, participants noticed in the wrapping up will be disqualified.

2. Tournament for the best video review of our project!

The best authors will receive serious prizes:

1st place: 20 000 rub

2nd place: 10 000 rub

3d place: 5 000 rub

3 incentive places for 2000rub

Requirements for the participant:

- the most honest video review of the Inanomo exchange;

- review duration ~ 10min;

- tell about the exchange and its functionality;

- show ease of registration;

- show the input / output of fiat, crypts, the emphasis on the fact that everything is on the machine;

- tell about speed, commissions;

- show the depth of glasses and the relevance of the courses;

- tell about transfers between wallets within the exchange;

- show the convenience of glasses, charts, lack of drawn orders;

- tell about secure IEO, using the TID token as an example;

- distribution of your referral link is permitted;

- tell about the benefits of a referral.

Tournament Period: 05/26/2020 - 06/09/2020

Winners Announcement: .06/10-12/2020

You must register to participate in the contest by writing to the admin in telegram.

A link to the video should be sent to the administrator by 06/09/2020 inclusively.

The exchange reserves the right to exclude participants for lies and provocative videos.

And also to place the submitted work on their resources and use them for advertising purposes.

Additional bonuses to participants are also possible according to the decisions of the administration.

Carefully read and follow the conditions of the shares, they are quite simple!

Each of you has a chance to win prizes !!!

Start getting profit with Inanomo