Staking of USD, USDT & USDC

Staking USD, USDT & USDC

As part of the long-term strategy of sustainable development (namely Inanomo’s transition to its own liquidity and decoupling from other exchangers and platforms), we are pleased to announce the stakings of the following assets: USD, USDT and USDC with an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of up to 18%! 

The cornerstone for this particular product will be the DeFi-farming AAVE and Compound. The above-stated financial model implies near impossibility of risks for the size of deposit. The only chance of losing funds applicable solely to the ultimate revenue gains. 

The percentage of the given profitability can be increased by the means of holding the exchange official token - INOM (we will inform you about this feature the moment it will be implemented) 

The minimum staking period is 7 days. As is customary, you can select the type of auto-renewal in settings (options). The minimum amount of required investments is equivalent to 500 units of account.

In the coming month, we’re planning to launch a liquidity pools (farming) for the trading pairs as well. The reward received shall consist of deductions from trading commissions (fees).

An impressive set of the nearest innovations concerning the spot market will enhance the attractiveness of trading conditions, thus involving a great number of new clients and users. All of that is achieved through the possible appearance of arbitrary situations (i.e. discrepancies).

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