Сryptocurrency BTT: price and predictions of the BitTorrent project

BitTorrent logo

Start of project development – end of 2017

Country - China

Token standard – TRC-10

TRON ICO - 01.2019

Total emission – 990 000 000 000

BTT In circulation - 212 116 500 000

BTT Listing - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bittorrent/markets/

Market capitalization – around $75 mln

Coinmarketcap rating - № 68

Maximal token price over the time - $ 0,001861

Minimal token price over the time - $ $0,000265

Project website - https://www.bittorrent.com/btt/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BitTorrent

Telegram - https://t.me/BTTBitTorrent

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bittorrent

BTT cruptocurrency review

BitTorrent is a software on a cross-platform foundation, that is very popular among users all over the world. Established in 2001 by Bram Cohen, the software serves for decentralized files exchange directly between users under a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P). The idea was in receipt and distribution / exchange of files between the users’ torrent-clients in parts, due to created data redundancy at reduction of network load. In its essence, BitTorrent can be considered a prototype of current decentralized blockchain-based platforms. More than 170 million people are network’s users on a monthly basis, which amounts at approximately 40% from the total global traffic.

In 2018, BitTorrent was acquired for $120 by Justin San – owner of TRON blockchain project. Merger with the cryptocurrency giant has expanded the opportunities for functionality enhancement of BitTorrent and has provided users with a chance to monetize their content. In order to implement this opportunity, developers of TRON have carried out emission of BTT digital token (standard TRC10) and its integration with BitTorrent platform. That is to say, the token had to fulfil the role of stimulator of user content uploading into the network, ensuring them with as fast speed of content exchange as possible. BTT is positioned by its creators as a cryptoasset of the new generation Internet (without limits) on the basis of complete decentralization.

The developers of BTT platform have applied consensus algorithm DPoS, - when selected plenipotentiaries serve as validators instead of traditional expensive mining.

As far as it’s known, the company held ICO in January, 2019 on Binance exchange and over the course of crowdsale collected $7,2 million. Initially, 60 million tokens were sold within 15 minutes.

After conducting ICO, BitTorrent handed out 5000 of BTT tokens to each of its users, while the owners of TRON coin received around 11 billion BBT tokens during the first airdrop, which amounted at 1,1% from the total emission. Moreover, a decision was taken to conduct additional gradual airdrops for TRON owners up to 2025.

Charts of capitalization and value of BTT token
Charts of capitalization and value of BTT token

To date, market capitalization of ВТТ is around $75 million

In total, during the emission 990 000 000 000 tokens were issued.

In circulation: more than 212 000 000 000 tokens.

Trading of BTT token in the following pair combinations BTT/USDT , BTT/USDC , BTT/BTC , BTT/ETH is held on the exchange platforms, among which we would like to distinguish Inanomo , Binance , OKex , Gate.io , KuCoin .

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