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In current realities, a business can really succeed only if it meets the next parameters:

- high level of flexibility;

- maximum speed of decision making;

- reliability and safety of internal information.

 Fortunately, the speed with which cloud storage services integrate into a wide range of business areas is growing unprecedentedly. The presence of such solutions in the work exponentially increases the efficiency of all internal systems and employees and systematizes a huge number of business processes.

 But are all cloud services so good in practice? Understanding the issue, Inanomo found young and promising players in this market!

 We present to your attention the Safevault project!

 “Our main goal is not only to optimize the internal storage of documents and files within the company using our own developed neural network, but also to secure data from external interference by decentralizing the server system”.

 Artificial intelligence will monitor for the absence of duplicate files and sort them into the correct folders, like a switchman at a railway station. Blockchain technology, in turn, is responsible for controlling the safety of your data. No one will be able to access them without having a special key (separate for each file) for this. Users can simply send the key to the encrypted file to each other without fear of third-party interference.

Learn more about Safe IEO and how it works - here.

As part of IEO on the Inanomo platform:

- For sale will be put up: 50 million SVT;

- Sale price: 0.00000010 BTC;

- Minimum volume: 3 BTC;

- Maximum volume: 5 BTC;

- Purchase limit: 0.025 BTC.


100% of IEO fees will be allocated to starting price support as an insurance guarantee.


Total Issue: 100m SVT

Total Market Capitalization: 10 BTC

IEO Market Cap: 5 BTC


Token Distribution:

SVT token distribution
SVT token distribution


You can find out all the details about the project on the official site, and get acquainted with the community and ask any questions you may have in our Telegram channel.


The SVT-BTC currency pair can be found HERE.

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