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The gambling market is stagnating, all games are the same type and depend on luck, and the math is working against you. We are developing a game in which you rely primarily on your skills and then on your luck.

The Rocket Trophy product is spaceX in the gambling industry. Users gather in teams and participate in a crazy 7-day race.

Game mechanics

Users gather in teams of 10 people. You can create a team with friends, or join any existing one. When you join a team, you need to pay an entry fee, at the expense of which the race prize pool is formed, and in return your team receives fuel, through which you can purchase a power-up.

The detailed mechanics of the game will soon be available in our new article.


RTC tokens will be distributed on IEO, which, after the launch of the game, will provide dividends to their holders. The platform will evenly distribute 40% of the profits to users who freeze their tokens on the platform.



Fundraising for the implementation of the game will be helded by the IEO on our platform.

A total of 40 million RTC tokens will be issued, they will be distributed as follows:

IEO - 25% Tokens will be distributed without blocking.

Team - 15% Tokens will be locked for a period of 6 months.

Platform developers - 10% Tokens will be locked for a period of 3 months.

Bounty program - 5% Tokens will be gradually distributed after the launch of the game.

Operating Fund - 15% Tokens are intended to maintain liquidity and will be gradually distributed after the launch of the game.

Marketing - 30% Tokens will be locked until the game starts.

Token distribution price on IEO will be 10sat BTC

Soft cap: 0.5 BTC

Hard cap: 1 BTC

Buy Limit: 0.025 BTC

At the end of the IEO, an insurance order will be placed for 100% of the investment before the game is released.

Road map

July 2020 Concept formation

September 2020 Conducting IEO

October - November 2020 Platform release

December 2020 Marketing company

February 2021 Entering new markets, platform refinement

You can learn more about the project, view the White Paper and find a team in the project's telegram chat and telegram channel

It is possible to discuss the project and ask any questions in our telegram chat

The RTC-BTC currency pair can be found HERE.

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