Results of the year and plans for the future

Results & plans

🌏 This year, our team has devoted all its efforts mainly to the growth of the native client base. We have chosen for ourselves a scenario of attraction new customers through the development of NFT games, whose popularity is growing every day around the globe.

💎 As part of the development of this direction, 2 games were released (combined in one), each of which is aimed at its own audience. The first is for ordinary players, and the second is fully for the crypto audience. It’s the synergy between ordinary players and crypto-users that we see the future of NFT gaming. Next year, we plan to expand this area further, as well as start the implementation of the skill-gaming platform.

 🪙 We have not forgotten about our main direction either. Of course, the hard work on the game direction did not pass without difficulties, and we were forced to slightly shift the dates of the conversion and sale of the main Inanomo token. But that would be highly irresponsible if we left the game project on its own with a falling token, and, most importantly, who would need an exchange token if it provides access to such "uninteresting" products (from the investor's point of view). Unfortunately, not all the details of the inner work can be objectively provided and shown, but a huge amount of work has been done in the main area this year, and it’s coming to a logical end. Very soon we will be ready to provide our clients with access to the completely renewed infrastructure of our exchange. Due to these factors, and the unsatisfactory state of the crypto market at the end of this year, we decided to postpone the sale date to February 2022. In order not to deprive users of the opportunity to trade assets prepared for conversion, as well as receive staking income, we plan to carry out the conversion in January 2022. A slight postponement in this situation will only have a positive effect on the final result. At the same time, we will convert all EGO tokens of, and close the platform for renovation. Immediately after the conversion, INOM staking will be available on the terms of INOM_A staking.

📈 The most interesting thing is "dry stats", so here's a little about the results. Thanks to the flexibility in the development strategy in the spring of 2021, it was possible to achieve an increase in the following indicators of the platform as a whole:

☑️ the number of registrations by 900%;

☑️ attendance of the Inanomo platform by 300%;

☑️ active client base by 700%.

🌪 In the coming 2022, we only plan to accelerate, both in the direction of further growth of the audience, and in the speed of release of new products. Big goals for us are a pleasant excuse to work even harder.

🤝 Thank you for moving towards with us! We really appreciate your support. It is you, our customers, who give us the best motivation to constantly work on our products and improve them. We are sure that our releases will provide you with a huge number of new opportunities for earning money, enjoyable work and interesting pastime.

📝 Best wishes,

Kirill Sadilov and the Inanomo team.


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