Rating of the Best Cryptocurrencies in 2020 - Review of the TOP Reliable, Promising and Expensive ICOs

Best cryptocurrencies

Best Cryptocurrencies 2020: Where to Invest

Currently, there are about 1800 different cryptographic coins on the Internet. The major part of them is Shitcoins, money that does not represent any value, does not have liquidity, therefore it does not participate in trading on top exchanges. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to follow the success of such well-known currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc.

However, nowadays there are many promising digital money which you can purchase at a "ridiculous" price and make a profit of in the future.

Current Cryptocurrencies Top: by Capitalization, Reliability and Popularity

Not only creators of digital money are interested in cryptocurrency rating, but also, first of all, potential investors, miners, and traders who want to set up business in this area.

The current rating of cryptographic currencies is formed under a set of certain criteria, covering the following main indicators:

  • financial: includes total trading volume, value dynamics and market pairs;
  • social: sources of investments, developers, communications interest;
  • technical: the popularity and prevalence of the currency, its uniqueness rate, the promotion pace.

Top 10 Cryptographic Coins 2020 by Capitalization

The major part of the rating systems provides an almost identical list of the best cryptocurrencies of this year:

  1. Bitcoin. The undeniable leader is Bitcoin, the first and most popular currency that appeared in 2008. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, which operates fast and open transfer of digital assets. Market capitalization is about $71 billion.
  2. Ethereum. Ether is a digital coin platform for the development of decentralized Internet services based on blockchain, operating on the basis of smart contracts. Market capitalization is $28 billion.
  3. Ripple (XRP). Coin, used in the system of gross settlements occurring in real-time mode, as well as for exchange operations and money transfers. The payment system has been operating since 2012 and today its capitalization indicator has reached $7 billion.
  4. Bitcoin Cash. It is a more improved and upgraded form of Bitcoin, which is characterized by an increased block size, with part of the information placed outside the block. A coin is traded under the other BCC ticker. Its market total value is $5.3 billion.
  5. EOS. One of the main competitors of the Ether. The currency is also tailored to form decentralized applications, but the main emphasis is on reducing fees and increasing the performance rate. Capitalization has reached $5.1 billion.
  6. Litecoin. A coin that was second to appear on the cryptographic market after Bitcoin. Used for Express Checkout. Comparing to Bitcoin has lower fees. It is currently developing actively. The market total value is $4.8 billion.
  7. Binance Coin. A token that functions to distribute new coins, as well as grant access to the investors to other capabilities of the system. In 2019 it was one of the most profitable currencies. Its market total value is $2.9 billion.
  8. Cardano. Japanese-origin coin, designed for speedy and secure payments. The system consists of two layers, one of which provides operations with smart contracts, and another one with tokens. Capitalization is $2.1 billion.
  9. Tether. The coin serves to digitalize national currency. Its application allows you to eliminate high volatility, but at the same time maintain all the advantages of digital money: anonymity, security, absence of limits. Capitalization is $2.06 billion.
  10. Stellar. Tailored to create a global payment system. In 2019 it reached a leading position by the number of ICOs. The total value is $1.9 billion.

As you can see, nowadays, the most popular, reliable, and cherished currency is Bitcoin. It appeared in 2009 on the basis of blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the author of the digital coin, but it is not known for sure whether this is one person or a development group.

As for the list of the most popular currencies, it is represented by the following sequence: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

The Best Promising Crypto Coins

Experts offer a list of five digital money worth investing this year:

  1. Neo is the Chinese version of the Ether. Its advantages are the speed of operations, the low fees, the ability to carry out transactions through smart contracts.
  2. TRON - enables user projects to create smart contracts and form decentralized applications.
  3. Ripple is a highly promising cryptocurrency, which is characterized by hyperspeed of transaction processing.
  4. EOS is one of the main competitors of the Ethereum, which guarantees a solution to the problem of scaling, provides a more reliable set of tools for forming and launching applications.
  5. Stellar Lumens - created to simplify international transactions. With the help of a decentralized XLM system, common users and large enterprises have the chance to conduct transactions from and to any place around the world where there is an access to the Internet, without third parties involved.

If we talk about the cheapest cryptographic money, then we can note the leading three:

  1. Bytecoin - all transactions are completely confidential and not traceable. The cost per unit is $0.007.
  2. BitShares - a platform for the launch of decentralized autonomous companies. Price is $0.35.
  3. Verge - concentrates on the high privacy level. The cost per unit is $0.073.

Cryptocurrency providers are constantly developing their creations, complementing them with new features and functionality. By the end of the year, it is unlikely that the TOP of the best will change, but things can always happen.

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