Platform updates #2

Platform updates

Affiliate program

 We are proud to present you the first use case of an exchange token!

 Terms of the affiliate program will be changed from next week!

 There will be five levels of the referral program!

 Depending on the number of INOM tokens you have sent for staking, you will receive a certain percentage of all commissions of your referral friends!

 Get up to 50% of the trading commissions of attracted referrals. Now it will be much more convenient and profitable.

 Beta version of the mobile application

 The beta version of the mobile application has been launched!

 Full platform functionality is now in your pocket!

 The app is absolutely free!

 You can find it here:



 To test beta versions, iOS users must first download “testflight” from the AppStore, launch it, and only then the application itself.

 We will be grateful for your reports in our telegram chat. This will help us release the official version. Furthermore, reviews in app stores are welcome!

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