Platform Updates # 1

It's time to share with you the results of the work done over the past few months!

June-July 2020:

✅ All interface blocks, except the right orders panel are now scalable, you can transfer and change the interface at your own mind;

✅ The column with equivalent in the base currency of the trading pair has been added to the order book;

✅ The equivalent in the base currency of the trading pair has been added to the trading history;

✅ The equivalent in the base currency of the trading pair for transactions and orders has been added to the order history;

✅ The places of the order tabs has been changed, the market order is now the last, and the limit order is the first and is available by default;

✅ The market order block has been changed and revised;

✅ The currency selection block, available by default from resolution of 1920 or higher or can be enabled in the settings, has been added to interface sortings by pair, price, trading volume and 24 hours change have been added in the currency selection block;

✅ A scroll has been added to the main screen, now the blocks can be placed not only within one screen, but also in several screens in height, if it’s necessary; the order book depth chart is completely new, it can be located both vertically and horizontally, depending on the size of the block;

✅ Extended view of transaction time has been added;

✅ The chart has been completely redesigned, color scheme has been added for volumes, volumes have been moved to a separate part of the chart with its own scale.

May-June 2020:

✅ A light theme for the desktop version for the exchange screen (indicator-light bulb on the top right);

✅ Setting for a trading account to create orders without confirmation (changes in the settings of a trading account or a checkmark when creating the first order);

✅ Added a separate IEO tab in the trading pair selection box;

✅ Added pop-up tooltip with information on applications when hovering over them in an order book;

✅ Improved order book performance;

✅ Changing the “auto-unlogging” period from 15min to 24h (a full-fledged user selection of this option will be added in future updates);

✅ Authorization on the exchange (if authorized in other services) without additional pressing the “log in” button;

✅ General bug fixes and improved platform performance.

April-May 2020:

✅ Improved performance of displaying information in the order book on the frontend.

✅ Fixed bugs with possible incorrect display of applications (the problem was only in the display on the frontend).

✅ Technical improvements made;

✅ Added additional text comments in the services for ease of use;

✅ Updated the ability to display QIWI not only on “ru” numbers (a block for selecting a country code has been added);

✅ The algorithm for automatic substitution by clicks in the order book for different types of applications has been changed.

March-April 2020:

✅ Added the ability to replenish funds through the AdvCash payment system;

✅ Added the ability to replenish funds through any bank card;

✅ For a market order, a calculation of the approximate transaction amount has appeared;

✅ Added Max option in the wallet to fully display the current balance;

✅ The number of input confirmations is now 2 for BTC, 12 for ETH (and all ERC-20).

February-March 2020:

✅ Added the ability to scale and move the standard chart;

✅ The main ruble pairs have been added: BTC / RUB, ETH / RUB, USDT / RUB;

✅ Simplified registration process;

✅ Phone confirmation via Telegram has been implemented (along with SMS notification);

✅ The basic functionality for setting up the Marketplace workspace has been implemented. Blocks of information can be hidden or shown depending on preference or convenience. Including expand the graph to full screen.

✅ Fixed identified bugs.

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