Nigerian Protesters Ask for Funding via Bitcoins.

Nigerian Protesters Ask for Funding via Bitcoins

A Nigerian group Feminist Coalition is asking everyone who cares to respond and make donations via Bitcoins. This type of assistance became relevant after the authorities in power blocked the protest coalition's bank account.

This organization is one of the many groups that oppose the abusive treatment of the Nigeria Police Force from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). It was exactly the crimes of the law enforcement officers that provoked the large-scale protests. When the account was still running, the coalition had the opportunity to use donations to fund 90 protests all over the country. The authorities in power are trying to repress the protests by deactivating the bank account. 

After all, the Chief Officer of the Nigerian Police Force tried to resolve the conflict by disbanding the scandalous special unit. But such a gesture could no longer repress the protesters. According to many witnesses, the situation remains tense. Moreover, terrible atrocities and even murders from SARS still continue.

The Feminist Coalition asked the Nigerians through a Twitter message to donate their funds via Bitcoins whenever possible. Asking for such specific financial assistance, the protest coalition is confident that Bitcoins will be received in the required amount as the Nigerians are already familiar with digital currencies.

Moreover, Nigeria is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets throughout Africa. A large number of citizens use such means as Bitcoin and Dash to perform various kinds of payment transactions.

The protests are led by the modern Nigerian youth who are tech savvy in modern technologies. The funding received is aimed at stopping brutality and endemic corruption from the authorities, and especially from the police who protect an unfair regime. The protesters also demand the disbandment of the SARS special unit and the prevention of guilty officers from the law enforcement system. 

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