Listing of the GLC token of the Helios project

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Helios is not a project, not a company, or even a platform. Helios is a whole ecosystem!


Our position remains stable which means that we don't stand still and don't hold on to the old. We are in lockstep with time and sometimes even see farther than others. Our goal is to provide people with the products they really want to see on the market.


Education, e-sports, and cryptocurrency are the top 5 among the most progressive and demanded businesses.


🧠 Education.


We are against the educational system that has emerged over the past 15-20 years. There are thousands of universities in Russia but only a couple of dozen of them are relevant today. Thanks to our platform, we can fix this situation.

We are launching an independent platform for crowdfunding and venture capital investments in startups created by young talents. It's a kind of support for small businesses. Using this platform everyone can carry out their ideas or sell them to more experienced investors and entrepreneurs. The company itself sees a huge potential for development in this direction, because only the most daring and crazy ideas move forward the progress.


🦾 E-sports.


Millions of players around the world, billions of dollars in prize money, thousands of tournaments and competitions. It's all about the e-sports. We definitely support promotion of this area. In China, for example, Dota 2, CS: GO, LOL and many other games go hand in hand with the school curriculum. We see a great potential in this area and therefore are launching a streaming service, as well as a full-fledged Game Center, which in its essence is a unique platform for the implementation of any gaming products.


⛓ Cryptocurrency.


The world doesn't stand still. If quite recently the world of cryptocurrencies sounded more like a beautiful fairy tale, now it's an industry of billions of dollars, millions of communities and widespread tokenization. We are interested in this area and therefore launched our first corporate token HLC, which has grown 20 times over the past 5 months thanks to the demand among users. That is why we have created our own GLC token on the TRON blockchain, which will be offered on the Inanomo exchange. It will be used in all our products, as well as the products, in its turn, will provide its liquidity.


If you share our principles, enthusiasm and optimism for all three areas mentioned above, don't hesitate to join us.


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