Key news (January, 24 - 30, 2022):

Scientists claim that the SHA-256 hash algorithm, and thus the BTC network, can theoretically be hacked. But currently it is unrealistic to do this, since the most powerful computer in the world has only 127 qubits, and to hack the BTC encryption in 1 hour, a machine with 317 million qubits will be required;

NFT trading volume in January 2022 reached a record $6.86 billion;

Coinbase is accused of a conflict of interest when listing cryptocurrencies. Of the 20 listed digital assets, the exchange has publicly invested in at least 12 of them. The exchange itself promised to clarify the mechanics and “make its assets even more transparent”;

YouTube’s CEO says the company will explore NFT features for video creators;

The Crypto Relief Foundation, focused on fighting COVID-19 in India, returned some of the funds that was donated to the organization by Vitalik Buterin. The parties decided that the co-founder of Ethereum could act more quickly, since it is not limited by local law;

The development team of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization abandoned the terms ETH1 and ETH2 in favor of the “execution level” and “consensus level”, respectively;

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams tweeted Sunday that JPMorgan Chase has closed his bank accounts without notice or explanation;

Stablecoin issuer Tether has helped users recover $87 million in USDT sent to wrong addresses since its launch in 2014, its CTO Paolo Ardoino told The Block;

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