Key news #7

Key news

 • Justin Sun has left Tron to represent Grenada’s national interests at the World Trade Organization leadership;

 • “If cryptocurrencies are banned, countries will lose control over the industry, so a policy of regulation, not repression, should be adhered to” - IMF chief economist Gita Gopinat;

 • China prohibits posting videos regarding cryptocurrencies and mining;

 • Social media site Reddit revealed on Dec. 15, 2021 that it has made a confidential filing with SEC in preparation for an IPO;

 • Media: Alibaba and Huawei plan to enter the metaverse market;

 • According to various estimates, currently in the world about 200 million people use cryptocurrency. The same number of people used the Internet in 1998;

 • At block 714,000, the BTC network finally reached the point where 2.1 million BTC remained to be mined (or 10% of the available emission volume); 

 • Instagram is “actively exploring” the integration of NFT into its services;

 • Elon Musk said on Tuesday the electric carmaker will accept dogecoin as payment for merchandise on a test basis;

 • The number of countries developing their CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) has grown from 35 in May 2020 to 87 in December this year;

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