Key news #5

Key news

 • Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is stepping down as chief executive of the company. Mr. Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter in 2006, has been serving as chief executive of both Twitter and payment firm Square;

 • Bitcoin hash rate has recovered almost completely after the Chinese ban. This number has grown by over 80% since July;

 • Curios post: this is how children study Bitcoin in one of the schools in Slovakia;

Crypto at School
Crypto at School

 • Central Bank of India: In the country, the volume of transactions with cryptocurrency has grown significantly;

 • The aggregate balance of ETH on exchanges continues to decline. Now this number is equal to the minimum for the last 3 years;

 • Tron founder Justin Sun bought the Joker-style collectible token BAYCT 6666 for 150,000,000 TRX ($15 million);

Justin Sun and his new NFT
Justin Sun and his new NFT

 • Global NFT sales could hit a record $ 17.7 billion in 2021 - says Cointelegraph Research;

 • On November 30, the Bruno update was implemented on BSC (at block 13,082,000). The update contains a mechanism for burning BNB tokens (similar to ETH after the London update);

 • "We are softening the requirements for advertising cryptocurrencies on our platform" - Meta has announced (formerly known as Facebook);

 • Meanwhile, Tether continues to print large parts of USDT:

New parts of USDT
New parts of USDT

 • Since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, the value transferred through its blockchain has reached $8.89 trillion. Moreover the total cost of "profitable coins" amounted to $5.1 trillion, and "unprofitable" ones - $3.79 trillion;

 • A bug in the Solana Protocol (SPL) program library potentially allowed stealings from several De-Fi projects (at a rate of approximately $27 million per hour). This was found out by experts from the ‘Neodyme’ team.

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