Key news #3

Key News

 • According to previously published data, the OpenSea NFT platform burned $ 400 million worth of Ethereum;

 • Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has called for “global regulatory frameworks for crypto markets.” The company has also launched a “Crypto Is Evil” ad campaign featuring “10 fundamental rights for crypto users.”

 • From now on, thanks to the Litecoin Card, people can make payments in LTC wherever VISA payments are supported;

Litecoin Card
Litecoin Card

 • MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor has confirmed his BTC fan status. Recently he tweeted a post with the words «Only Bitcoin»;

 • Enthusiasts have calculated how many years it takes to mine ETH on a MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro processor to reach the «profit point» - 20 years (up to 5.8 Mh/s with a consumption of about 17 W);

 • Meanwhile, the third largest BTC wallet continues to buy BTC - over the past week, it purchased almost 2500 BTC;

Third largest BTC wallet
Third largest BTC wallet

 • US Payment giant Square today released the whitepaper of its decentralized Bitcoin exchange proposal— tbDEX. This project was first announced by Square and Twitter SEO Jack Dorsey in August;

 • The capacity of the Lightning Network skyrocketed after El Salvador adopted BTC as legal tender in the country. Now this number is equal to 3225 BTC;

 • The top 30 searches on CoinGecko over the past week are as follows:

TOP Coingecko
TOP Coingecko

 • Statistics show that while tightening of KYC requirements is happening, the Binance exchange lost only 3% of its users, and cooperation with regulators is already bearing fruit;

 • The rehabilitation plan to compensate creditors from the now-defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox is now finalized following confirmation from a Japanese court.

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