Key news #2

Key news

 • The average commission on the Ethereum blockchain has increased almost 24 times since June 2021;

 • Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak warns governments will never give up control of cryptocurrencies;

 • ETH hash rate continues to set new records;

ETH hashrate
ETH hashrate

 • One week left until Taproot Bitcoin update;

 • CryptoPunk #7557 was mistakenly sold for 4.444 ETH instead Of 4444 ETH;

 • People’s Bank of China announced that the number of owners of the digital yuan has grown to 140 million;

 • Robinhood is finally adding cryptocurrency wallet to its platform so that users can spend and trade their Bitcoin and Ethereum;

 • Bitcoin capitalization has bypassed Tesla's capitalization;

BTC capitalisation
BTC capitalisation

 • Tron announced a partnership with BitTorrent to integrate Binance Smart Chain;

 • Polls show that 51% of participants are confident - over time, Solana (Proof of History (PoH) network) will dominate Ethereum;

 • Bakkt announced that it is offering users and partners the ability to buy, sell, and hold ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, starting soon;

 • Mastercard partners with leading digital currency companies across Asia Pacific to launch the region’s first crypto-linked payment cards;

MasterCard crypto
MasterCard crypto

 • Reddit users to get Ethereum-based crypto tokens in exchange for Karma Points, hints programmer.

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