Key news #1

Key news

 • Justin Sun withdraws billions of dollars worth of crypto from Aave's lending pools;

 • Mastercard is preparing to announce that any of the thousands of banks and millions of merchants on its payments network can soon integrate crypto into their products, CNBC has learned;

 • On October 28th, the NFT world was shocked as a CryptoPunk NFT was sold for $530 million. Technically, this could’ve been the largest sale in art history. In reality, though, it might be just a clever publicity stunt, as the current owner actually bought the NFT from themselves;


 • Nigeria’s CBDC pilot is now the second largest behind China’s digital yuan, and aims to digitise payments and increase financial inclusion in Africa's most populous country;

 • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is searching for a specialist to foster digital asset underwriting, transaction processing and custody in the cloud, according to a recent job posting; 

 • EOS ranked first in China's public blockchain ratings;

 • Cryptocurrency has another celebrity backer – in the shape of Hollywood superstar Matt Damon, who is fronting a new advert for Crypto/com;

 • Twitter is working on an NFT Collectibles tab for user profiles;

 • Tether announced a partnership with a user identification service to comply with regulatory requirements;

 • The US authorities intend to entrust the regulation of stablecoins to the SEC;

 • CoinMarketCap has created a CoinMarketCap virtual space in bloktopia. It is now available in VR-glasses in the Metaverse;

CMC metaverse
CMC metaverse

 • FTX exchange will advertise for the first time during Super Bowl LVI to reach mainstream football fans;

 • 50 people control 50% of all mined BTC - says research done by Bloomberg;

 • LinkedIn: the number of vacancies in blockchain and cryptocurrencies has increased sevenfold over the year;

 • Tesla may resume the practice of accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment for its products. This is hinted in company’s reporting to SEC; 

 • Last week, Ethereum turned out to be a fully deflationary asset for the first time in history. This means that the amount of ETH burned as commissions exceeded not only the block reward in PoW mining, but also the reward for PoS staking in the Beacon Chain network.

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