INOM: tokenomics

In this article, we will discuss the full tokenomics of Inanomo Nominum: the difference between investors, unlocking times and, of course, bonuses!

📌 Seed round: as you know, before the ING/INOM_A sales, the very first owners of exchange tokens were Seed-investors. Starting from the listing of INOM (June 3rd, 2022), for these investors a long lock period has started. This is exactly TGE, which implies the possibility for these token holders to sell their INOM not earlier than after 56 weeks, and also in a small quantity (0.625% per week) *seed — seed investments — investments in a new business or companies at an early stage of development; *TGE — Token Generation Event — the method and conditions by which tokens are distributed to the first owners

📌 Presale round: has been merged into single round for ING and INOM_A buyers. There have been some changes that require more detailed discussion: these clients supported us in the early stages of the development of our Holding, for which we are immensely grateful to them. However, due to the current situation in the markets (not only the fall in the crypto-industry, but also in other areas) we decided to postpone the first unlock of INOM tokens from July 3rd, 2022 to September 2022. Why? If the market continues to be in the state that we are seeing right now, we would like to see much more utility for INOM than at the moment. This includes premium-subscriptions for “Pagan Gods”, the NFT-marketplace and other features to be announced later (Starter/Oasis Metaverse) We understand that such a decision may seem incorrect at first, but we are completely sure that it will be much more pleasant for everyone if the price of the exchange token does not fall rapidly after the first unlock. Updated schedule’s unlocks will start on September 3rd, 2022, and instead of monthly 10% unlocks, there will be weekly unlocks of 2.5%. Thus, the client will receive the last part of his tokens on July 3rd, 2023. All the tokens that are currently under vesting are still staking with a yield close to 20% APY (staking was prolonged automatically). After the final unlocking of all INOM, the profitability of staking will be reduced to 4–6% per annum. Details on the accrual of interest at the time of unlocking, the use of vested tokens and the bonus part will be announced later in a separate announcement. *APY — Annual percentage yield — annual percentage yield

📌 Private round: this is a February investment of $6 million from private investors. They will also have a token lock for a year (starting from INOM listing), followed by a 1% per week unlock. In other words, private investors will receive full access to all their tokens within 3 years. At the same time, the start of unlocking in a year does not mean at all that INOM investors will rush to sell it — we have an agreement to hold the token for a longer period.

📌 Strategic round: includes the first and second rounds. As part of the one of them, we are already negotiating to raise $30 million. At the same time, the entry price for these partners will not be lower than $0.04–0.06 per 1 INOM; while another one will take place approximately in the 4th quarter of 2022 (depending on the regularity of updates by our Holding)

📌 Team: INOM, owned by the Inanomo team. These tokens are also subject to a one-year lock starting from the listing (TGE), followed by an unlock at 0.5% per week.

📌 Liquidity: some of the tokens were allocated for liquidity (PancakeSwap, trading on our exchange, and will also be sent for liquidity when listing INOM on other platforms will take place) Additional sales into the market are not planned, but with regard to the development of a new game (where INOM will be the governance token, as in our entire infrastructure), negotiations are underway with the ByBit exchange to list our token in the amount of $200–300k. This will attract additional advertising and a new audience into our infrastructure.

📌 Marketing: traffic through targeted and contextual advertising, cooperation with bloggers, publication of articles in major media.

📌 PoS: as you know, our Holding is developing its own blockchain with confirmation of transactions using the Proof-of-Stake protocol. This part will be used exactly to reward the validators. Testnet first; later we will give holders the opportunity to form pools (so many can become a single validator composed of 20–50 people) We are striving to ensure that our blockchain is as decentralized as possible, which will be achieved through a large number of validators. TPS will be developed for hundreds of thousands transactions per second (it will be created on the principle of Hashgraph (Hedera), that is, a parallel structure that allows scaling — IOTA / Fantom projects have something similar now). There is also a mechanism for burning an exchange token: for various transactions in the blockchain network (similar to the already existing Ethereum/BSC). INOM will be burned for voting, using it as payment for commissions on the exchange, when placing a bet for playing on the skill-gaming platform, futures. *TPS — Transactions per second — the number of transactions that the network can process per second, as well as the speed with which the network can confirm a transaction or exchange; *PoS — Proof-of-Stake — a consensus algorithm, according to which validators provide their own tokens to create/confirm new blocks in the blockchain. The validator is rewarded for helping to make transactions

📌 AirDrop: The portion we provide to Presale-round buyers as initial drop. These are the 50/60% of bonus tokens that will be credited to INOM_A holders (in the case of ING — 20%) Bonus INOM will be credited manually after TGE (68 weeks after the listing), at 0.5% per week. At the same time, we do not rule out a scenario in which the full part of the bonus funds will also be given the opportunity to participate in other areas of the Holding (subscriptions, game staking, Starter, etc. — everything except for the sale/withdrawal). The unlock schedule and the number of bonus tokens will be calculated for each user by August 2022, after which this infromation will be available in your account on the exchange. Early token holders are eligible to receive WL in our infrastructure project — Oasis Metaverse. In addition, it is possible for INOM vested clients to participate in a drop of unique items on our new NFT-marketplace.

📌 Treasury: additional activities that our team considers as contests and quests (and rewards for them)

The slide below shows a graph of the gradual unlocking of tokens for each of the above parts. We believe we have achieved a scenario in which INOM’s entry into the market will be smooth. The release of the token will also be smoothed out by the fact that around the same time frame we will present more and more new products for its application.

The likelihood that tokenomics will be revised again in the future is close to zero — we like the way it is balanced right now. Minor changes are possible only in relation to strategic rounds while attracting investors (it will depend on our agreements, the timing of blocking). We continue to be very clear about the position we had in February for $6 million private investors: there should not be a situation in which early investors make all their profits in sales to individuals (common traders). How it works in most companies: the fund buys N tokens from the project. The project conducts marketing, declaring everywhere that such a fund has invested in them. Then IDO is held, and on this sale the fund sells all its tokens in x2–3. We work with the so-called angels, who are committed to long-term cooperation. The third round, when we are ready to show a more efficient infrastructure and a greater number of active clients (their growth potential, of course), we plan to conduct through funds (but there will be different amounts) And if by September 2022 the market goes down even more, we will only be happy about it — after all, sooner or later there will be a reversal and growth, and this is a good starting base for the INOM exchange token. But the key here is still not insurance against BTC volatility, but rather the time reserve that we get and are ready to spend on developing functionality for INOM (this includes passports for the recently introduced Oasis: Inanomo Metaverse; as well as using INOM as a governance token in one of our future games related to real mining). We expect that due to the updates, the demand for INOM will increase significantly, and the tokens entering the market will not become a catalyst for reducing its capitalization. Right now, final preparations are underway to add INOM to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The technical requirements have long been met, we expect that by the time of the first unlocks, the exchange token will be presented on analytical platforms. We have plans to conduct an exchange IPO, but this requires a stable market situation. It is necessary to obtain digital banking licenses for the exchange infrastructure (and this is a long process, although it is our global goal) *business angel — a private venture investor who provides financial and expert support to companies at the initial stages of development

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