🤝 1. Inanomo’s holding in Singapore attracted investments in the amount of $6 million from family-office in Europe.

Thus, the entire volume available for sale was purchased.

What does it mean?

Independent players of the international investment market admit the prospects and investment attractiveness of our project.

There is already negotiations regarding second round of the sale in the amount of $30 million.

🗓 2. The main goals of the Inanomo Holding development for the next half-year:

 • Expanding the list of financial and trading instruments;

 • Increasing the convenience of deposit/withdrawals of fiat funds;

 • Development of gaming direction + NFT: Marketplace, skill games, P2E and last, but not least - start of the Metaverse development!

The long-term objectives of the project are also designed. Get ready - there will be a lot of announcements, both in our channels and in other well-known media!

What does it mean?

Inanomo will be cited not only in our resources, but also in the leading media, what will inevitably contribute to the growth of the project's popularity!


🪙 3. Calculations for INOM_A / ING tokens (provided by users into the sale) will be completed by mid-March.

🎁 4. The bonus part will be calculated and credited separately. It won’t take long before the detailed announcement!

⏳ 5. The start of trading in the INOM pair begins within weeks (we look forward to a positive market conditions and stabilisation of the situation in the geopolitical arena). 

⚖️ 6. INOM trading will start simultaneously on our exchange, PancakeSwap and UniSwap platforms as well. The token will be available on two networks: ERC-20 and BEP-20. 

What does it mean?

The greater coverage - the more opportunities for the growth of our Holding and the price of INOM. And, of course, the convenience of our users!

Starting price of the token: $0.02. After the start of trading, everyone will be able to purchase INOM in accordance with market conditions.

🌾 7. The main emphasis of INOM tokenomics lies in various opportunities for staking, for participation in which you will get:

• discounts on infrastructure commissions;

• bonuses to financial products and affiliate (referral) program;

• access to unique drops and specifics of sales of tokens and NFTs;

• access to ownership of rare gaming items;

• premium subscriptions and advanced games’ functionality;

• early access to games and other bonuses.

Remember: INOM tokenomics implies the burning of token for various activities (the total emission of INOM is limited by the starting value). Details will be described in future announcements!

📃 8. We intend to conduct listings on exchanges of different popularity, which will include the well-known, KuCoin (but not limited to!). 

There are plenty of opportunities for earning ahead of you, and we have a long but pleasant path to success and recognition in the global market!

Thank you for staying with us!

Start getting profit with Inanomo