INOM_A staking

Staking INOM

Staking is our buyout of this token from the market and its accrual to clients.  Thus, the safety order will always contain the full volume of the current emission.

 The minimum staking time of a token is 2 weeks.  There are no withdrawal fees.

 In the "settings" section you can choose one of 3 options: remove all (default), remove interest and extend, extend with interest.  Everything will happen automatically depending on the option selected.

 The estimated profit from staking is 36%+ of annual passive income.

 The buyout from the market for staking will continue until the token price exceeds $ 50, then the staking income will be credited directly in dollars.

 Algorithm of actions for participation in staking:

 - Purchase INOM_A tokens (because of the fact that this is a trading operation - the tokens will be in your trading account);

 - Transfer tokens from the trading account to the balance one (tokens will be in the Wallet section);

 - In the Wallet, select the "Staking" tab and transfer the tokens available to you there;

 - Congratulations!  Now your tokens will automatically start generating income for you!

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