ING staking

ING staking

 Staking is our buyout of this token from the market and its accrual to clients.  There is no additional issue.

 The minimum staking time for a token is 2 weeks.  There is no commission for withdrawal.

 In the "settings" you can choose one of 3 auto-renewal options: "Disabled" "Capitalize reward" "Withdraw reward".

 Those - remove everything (default), remove interest and renew, renew with interest.  Everything will happen automatically depending on the option selected.

 The estimated profit from staking will be 54% of annual passive income.

 Algorithm of actions for participation in staking:

 - Purchase ING tokens (because this is a trading operation - the tokens will be in your trading account);

 - Transfer tokens from the trading account to the balance one (tokens will be in the Wallet section);

 - In the Wallet, select the "Staking" tab and transfer the tokens available to you there;

 - Congratulations!  Now your tokens will automatically start generating income for you!

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