Inanomo P2P

What is P2P?  (from peer-to-peer or person-to-person) - these are transfers of funds from one person to another without the participation of a third party as an intermediary.

We understand that users who are not very fond of trading terminals like such products.  And we are happy to present ours to you!

Meet Inanomo P2P!

As part of this product, each user who has passed KYC* can:

  • exchange currency from your Inanomo wallet for funds in other payment systems (payeer, AdvCash, cryptocurrencies and others).
  • buy or sell cryptocurrency;
  • place his ads and orders;
  • receive orders or use other people's ads;

*To access P2P, users must complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

This is a verification of documents by the SumSub service, the standard of the crypto industry.  It allows us to reduce the number of potentially unreliable counterparties (outright scammers and other dubious personalities).

Inanomo acts as an escrow - the funds in the Inanomo wallet are "frozen" at the time of the transaction and are transferred only by mutual agreement of the parties.

If any of the parties has not complied with the conditions, then the counterparty may file an appeal. After its consideration, the funds will be transferred depending on the execution of the terms of the transaction.

An important feature is that it is possible to leave feedback on transactions! This will help in the shortest possible time to identify unscrupulous participants.

Customers can go to the profiles of other users and see:

  • feedback of their transactions;
  • their current announcements;
  • general statistics.

Of course, users can interact with their profile:

  • set up payment methods;
  • read feedback of their transactions;
  • view statistics.

You can manage your announcements - you can deactivate them or close them.

Nice bonus for pioneers!  At the first stage, the commission for using p2p will be 0%!

In the future, only those users who place announcements will pay a commission.

When it appears, what it will be equal to and how it can be reduced - we will report separately.

And very soon, users will be able to receive notifications about transactions on their Telegram account!

Also if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in our Telegram chat

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