Inanomo Nominum Conversion


⚡ Dear holders of the Inanomo tokens!

1) 🔁 Conversion of INOM_A will be carried out based on its cost equal to $20!

Since the shift in the timing of products' release occurred on our part, everyone who purchased INOM_A after 00:00 UTC October 11th, 2021 will also receive a 50% bonus.

🗓 The final date for the purchase with above-mentioned bonus is until 12:00 (UTC) on December 16, 2021!

If for some reason you have not yet managed to purchase the desired amount of tokens, or want to 'calibrate' your average price of purchase (and at the same time not be left without a bonus) - it's appropriate time to do it!

2) 🔁 Conversion of ING will be carried out with price equal to $1.75!

The bonus for those who bought ING before September 6, 2021 will be 20%!

3) 🔁 The IBTN token will be converted into INOM at the rate of $3120!

4) The price of the official INOM token at the start of the sale will be $0.01!

5) 👨‍👦Yes, there'll be INOM staking; more details coming later.

Also, dividend staking will be implemented in future: it will cover the deductions of profits from all areas of the Inanomo holding!

6) 📑 The total capitalization, starting capitalization, volume and schedule of the INOM unlocks (reffering to tokens belonging to the team), and the rest of the information on these topics will be published additionally in the very near future.

7) ⚖ You can hold all the converted INOM tokens for yourself, or you can allocate some part (or even completely) for the upcoming sale of this token. We will include this volume in the total sale volume.

To find out what you want to do with the tokens you have - all INOM_A and ING holders, please fill out this Google form by 12:00 (UTC) on December 16, 2021!

We will also announce the conversion date separately and in the near future.

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