Inanomo Marketplace

What it is?

Inanomo Marketplace — asset marketplace where you can buy, sell and exchange your NFTs quickly, with low fees and using your preferred currency!

At the moment we decided to make trading available for USDT, and if there is a request from users — add other currencies.

A separate advantage of the site will be convenient integration with gaming (and other) projects: no more “crutches”, only convenient solutions. Owners of third-party projects will be able to focus on their product without racking their brains over blockchain integration!

Marketplace address:

By the way, NFT input and withdrawal from Pagan Gods are already available right now!

What is available to trade on the marketplace?

The first collection presented on our platform will be the collection of the NFT game “Pagan Gods”. Other NFT projects will start appearing in the near future!

What functionality is available to the user?

Now you can: — Buy and sell NFTs for USDT; — Exchange cards and USDT (!!) in one offer; — Offer a card owner a deal directly from their profile; — Participate in sales.

Transaction fees on the Inanomo Marketplace for the PaganGods collection have been reduced to 0!

Future marketplace updates will add the ability to: — Creation of several offers and /or requests for sale with one card; — Send your cards and USDT to another user; — Track the dynamics of prices for the specified period; — Staking cards and INOM to get a reward; — View the history of your operations (finally!); — Buy and open packs.

To trade on the NFT Marketplace, funds must be in your Master account! We are waiting for you at Inanomo Marketplace!

Start getting profit with Inanomo