Inanomo from 2022 to 2023

Greetings, dear participants of Inanomo Holding projects! It's time to talk about the results of the outgoing year and discuss what awaits us in the coming one.

 First of all, we want to thank all of you for active participation, support and constructive criticism! We do all our projects for you and we are very glad that so many people are interested in Holding's life. 

 During this year, our small company of 30 people has grown to 130, and we are sure that we can go "To infinity... and beyond", as one famous space explorer used to say. We have expanded from pure FinTech to game development, and also want to become a bridge between offline business and Web3.

 Let's first remember what happened during this year. Let's take a look at the most important events:

 At the beginning of the year, the conversion of INOM_A, ING and IBTN tokens into INOM (the main token of our Holding, which will be used in most products) took place.

 And on February 28, an investment deal with the INOM token was finalized. All interested clients of the early investment rounds were able to provide their tokens for buyback and receive income from their hold.

 In early spring, we added USDT TRC-20 integration.

 The following networks became available for USDT deposit/withdrawal: ERC-20, TRC-20 and BEP-20

 BUSD and USDC (BEP-20) have been added, as well as ETH (BEP-20) and BUSD/USDT + USDC/USDT trading pairs.

 On March 22, we presented the updated design of the cryptocurrency exchange.

 On August 22, Inanomo Marketplace was launched - our own marketplace for NFT. At the moment, there is a collection of Pagan Gods (collection for Satoshi Mystery will appear as well).

 On August 25, the mobile application was updated - all the functionality of the exchange became available!

 On October 3, we launched INOM gaming staking pool.  By freezing a certain amount of the exchange token, you can get bonus subscriptions for the Pagan Gods game of various rarities.

 On October 9, the trading commissions and affiliate (referral) program were updated. INOM hodlers receive special bonuses!

 On October 10, we launched new classic staking pools of popular coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX.

 On December 23, the P2P platform was launched!  Buying and selling cryptocurrency has become even more convenient!

 From now on, let's take a little look into the future and discuss what awaits us.

 Active P2P advertising will start from January.

 A major exchange update at the end of this year will allow us to launch Futures.  We are currently planning their implementation and marketing for the end of the Q1 of 2023.

 In 2023, we also plan to plunge headlong into the world of computer game development: from mobile gaming to large-scale projects, not forgetting about crypto games, as well as hybrid projects.

 Ahead are new mechanics of everyone's favorite game Pagan Gods. The fact that we plan to reorganize it from P2E to a classic game is already known. We think that in 2023 we will be able to do it.

 We also really liked our experience in creating mobile games. We will develop it - several projects are next in line, including crypto-games.

 In February, we will present you the Satoshi Mystery project in all its glory. At the moment, there is an active set of community, interactive entertainment and, of course, the development itself. We are sure that you will like the symbiosis of real business and Web3.

 In the spring, we also plan to present to you one of the interesting projects of our company with classic monetization - a game in the Tower Defense genre.

 Oasis Metaverse, one of the largest projects, is finally taking shape. We have decided on what we want to see, first of all, this game. We are confident that the MMORPG genre will allow us to fully realize our ideas. And the game itself will become a gem of the genre and join the ranks of epochal games.

 Many eminent talents are working on the creation of the game. But, as mentioned above, this is not the limit - we are actively expanding the staff, and we plan to show a worthy example of online role-playing games in a couple of years!

 Our first steps from the world of crypto-fintech to the gaming industry were made thanks to the INO games platform. Good news for those who remember and are waiting for its restart. In 2023, we plan to present you with an updated skill-gaming platform.

 The past year has not been easy, but very interesting! We are sure that the next one will bring us many surprises and opportunities that we will definitely take advantage of. Let's use it to bring you even more quality products and exciting hours spent in our virtual worlds!

 Happy New Year 2023 to you! Good health, professional growth and financial well-being!

 Your guides in Web3 - Kirill Sadilov and Inanomo team.

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