Improvements in the mobile application

Mobile app

We've updated the mobile app!

 Meet new adds:

 ✔️ now the application has a search for a currency pair;

 ✔️ The application remembers the selected filter of the list of currency pairs and the currency pair itself;

 ✔️ for the price chart, the application remembers the selected timeframe and chart scale;

 ✔️ the size of fonts in the order book, history and in the trade section has been updated;

 ✔️ currency pairs are now synchronized with the site;

 ✔️ increased scrolling sensitivity.

 We also made several fixes and improved the stability of our application:

 ✔️ fixed the authorization error "NO CREDENTIALS";

 ✔️ corrected the formula for calculating the weighted average price in the order book;

 ✔️ fixed a bug with empty price and order book charts;

 ✔️ fixed the shortcomings of the UI layout.

 We will be glad to receive your feedback and opinions:



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