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The current situation around the world orders strict rules of the game for modern business. Everyone who thought that it’s enough to have business only in the material world now clearly understands that it’s time to manager the online environment. However those who have been working on the network for many days already know how many threats it carries in itself. One of the most common and dangerous is a DDoS attack.

Distributed Denial of Service is a cyber attack, which consists in suppressing a web resource or server with traffic from a huge number of sources, which makes it inaccessible. Often such an attack is carried out to provoke disruptions in the operation of network resources in a large company or government organization. The consequences adversely affect both the profit and brand values of the affected companies.

This cyber threat is especially dangerous for businesses that rely on uptime and being accessible at any given moment. Large corporations that operate mostly online spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to reduce the risk of a DDoS attack affecting their services.

But Inanomo knows who provides a reliable cyber shield that can hold back any onslaught! We're glad to present you the Tridac project!

“Our goal is to create a serverless network of nodes, which will be fully functional without any centralization and provide the bandwidth needed by many companies to reach their customers around the world”

In addition, this platform will also provide high-quality protection against DDoS attacks, creating a reliable and extensive network consisting of millions of computers around the world. We will tell you how this will work:

Users will download and install Tridac software, which will allow it to use their free bandwidth and storage in exchange for the ability to earn tokens.


Inanomo will support such an important project in the public sale of tokens, which will be carried out through the IEO procedure.

A total of 50,000,000 TID will be subjected to the IEO

Sale price: 0.00000010 BTC

Soft Cap: 2 BTC

Hard Cap: 5 BTC

Buy limit: 0.1 BTC

100% of the fees on the IEO will be directed to support at the starting price, as an insurance guarantee.

Total Supply: 70M TID

Sale Supply: 50M TID

Total Market Cap: 7 BTC

Sale Market Cap: 5 BTC

 TID token distribution
TID token distribution

You can find out all the details about the project on the official website You can get acquainted with the community and ask any questions in our Telegram channel.

The currency pair TID-BTC can be found here.

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