How to replenish the master account?

For make a replenishment you need to sign in and go to the Wallet. On the master account page for the "Deposit" tab the currency, cryptocurrency or cryptoasset is selected for replenishment.

Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.)

There are methods available for replenishment for fiat currencies through payment aggregators (Payeer), payment systems (Perfect Money) and bank transfer. For the replenishment through payment aggregators or payment systems you must specify the amount for which you want to replenish the master account and go to the replenishment. After you confirm the money transfer operation via the aggregator or payment system page, money would be credited to your master account. For the replenishment by bank transfer you must select a bank to which the transfer will be made, then in the amount input field specify the amount for which you want to replenish the master account. After that, an invoice with the details for replenishment will be generated. The money will be credited to your master account only after the bank confirms the transfer.

Cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)

Cryptocurrency replenishment is carried out by transferring cryptocurrency or cryptoasset to the address specially created for you.

It is recommended before each replenishment to generate a new address for the safety and anonymity of your funds.

To generate an address, select a cryptocurrency or cryptoasset and click the "Create Address" button. The amount that goes to this address will be credited to the master account after the required number of confirmations of the cryptocurrency or cryptoasset network.

Important! Do not send to the address generated for one cryptocurrency or cryptoasset, the other cryptocurrency or cryptoasset. In this case nothing will be credited to the master account!
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