How to replenish an investment account?

First you need to transfer funds from the master account to the investment master account in one of the next two methods:

  1. Through the Trust: you need sign in to the system and go to the investment cabinet Trust. In the right panel click the "Add funds" button, in the header of the window that opens select the currency of the deposit. In the input field enter the amount to transfer and click "Replenish".
  2. Through the Wallet: you need to sign in and go to the Wallet. On the master account page for the "Investments" tab select the currency for transfer and specify the amount to be transferred from the master account to the investment master account.

After the transfer go to the Trust. To create or replenish an investment account you must first select a portfolio or a managed account in which funds will be invested. All portfolios and managed accounts available for investment can be found on the "Managers and Portfolios" page. After you have selected an account or portfolio, you need to go to its page and in the right panel click the "Manage Investments" button. In the opened window select the currency of the deposit and enter the amount of investment. When you create an order to replenish an investment account funds would be blocked on the investing master account. Funds will be credited to the investment account only at the beginning of the next day (after 0:00 UTC) and before that the replenish order can be canceled.

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