How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet - Step-by-Step Instructions for a BTC Wallet Registration

Bitcoin wallet

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet: Step-by-Step Instructions For Registering a BTC Wallet

Anyone who is going to purchase digital currency should know that first of all you need to create a Bitcoin wallet with a money withdrawal function. Nowadays, there are various types of coin repositories, which can be reviewed at the official portal Yet, the beginners may have some difficulties with them, so, this article is to help you to find out how to settle the software to store currency on the phone and computer, what types exist, and how to register them.    

BTC Types: Registration and Installation Peculiarities

Registration of bitcoin repositories is a simple procedure, but it requires an attentive and responsible approach. First of all, you need to decide on the type of repository. Developers offer several types that are used by both start-up investors and large investment companies.

Computer versions

Desktop versions are the very first repositories for digital coins developed by the author of Bitcoin currency Satoshi Nakamoto. They are reliable, provide a decent level of security, are tailored to be installed on a computer or laptop, are customer-friendly, being available at any time.

Mobile versions

You can create a Bitcoin wallet for free on your phone. Mobile versions are desktop alternatives. They are implemented in the form of special applications and are created for a specific mobile OS. Their development has significantly expanded the range of customers since the attainability of Android or iOS-operated software allows you to access to currency from anywhere and at any time. The high vulnerability is considered a main disadvantage of mobile versions.

Online versions

The key advantage of online versions is their availability from any device connected to the Internet. Mostly similar BTC-online is created on trading platforms to provide users with quick and comfortable access to trading on the exchange. Using such services, you can quickly create a Bitcoin wallet in Russian since many of them are equipped with a Russian interface.

How to Create A BTC Wallet in Russian: Peculiarities of the Procedure for Every Type


Registering of BTC repository software is easy if you follow the instruction. All its types are formed according to similar principles. But it is important to understand that when you lose access to the system, there is a great risk of losing all the assets.

Installation and Application of Desktop Version

The list of recommended software for the PC includes BTC Electrum, which we will consider for review of the installation and registration procedure. First of all, you should download the software and install the program using the traditional method.

The further registration algorithm is the following:

  • start the program, select the type, and create a name. Beginners are advised to select the standard version;
  • create a seed password or use the suggested option;
  • after the system generates an entry for access, log in by entering seed;
  • after authorization, you can perform the necessary transactions in the system.

You can view the repository address for receiving payments in the Receive tab. Use the Send section functions to send tokens.

IMPORTANT! You cannot send a seed or password to anyone or save it to an e-mail or other devices that have access to the Internet.

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet on Your Phone: Step-by-Step Instructions

To install and register a mobile version, let's consider the example of BRD software, which operates on the Android and iOS operational platforms:

  • download the application, install, start and click the New wallet button;
  • create PIN for access (fingerprint scanner is available);
  • the repository is ready to function, its address can be viewed immediately after authorization.

According to many users, this type of mobile wallet is the most convenient and reliable one.

Bitcoin BTC Wallet Registration of Online Version: Peculiarities of Procedure

Web wallet for digital coins is a simple, convenient, and accessible option. Its online registration, counting BitGo, for example, takes only a few minutes:

  • at the official website select the Personal tab;
  • enter an email address, create a password;
  • activate the link that will be sent to the mail;
  • enhance protection by scanning the QR code in Google Authenticator.

To find out the address for transactions of the created repository, go to the Wallet tab.   

Strengths and Weaknesses of All Repository Types

Every of the above-described repository types has advantages and disadvantages that need to be counted before a Bitcoin account and wallet are created. The desktop version is characterized by reliability, security, the ability to save currency on a PC, difficulties in hacking a password. Amid its drawbacks, experts note poor mobility, the inability to make payments outside the house, the risk of hacking without seed encryption.

Mobile storage is easy to use, always available for transactions, simple to apply. However, it is not devoid of disadvantages, among which the most significant are the following ones: the loss of all assets in case of loss of a mobile device. The wallet operates online, which increases the risk of bitcoins stealing by hackers.

The online version is convenient, easy to use, allows you to perform payments from anywhere, having access to the Internet. There are following drawbacks: storing passwords online, which increases the risk of hacking, linking some repositories to a mobile phone, which also reduces the safety level of assets storing.

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