Forecast on Bitcoin to Dollar Rate for 2020 and 2021 - Expert Analysis on the BTC Value

Bitcoin forecast

US Dollar to Bitcoin Exchange Rates for 2020 and 2021: Expert Analysis on BTC Prices

In the field of finances, cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular remain among the top-discussed topics. Recent years were quite worrying for the history of digital coins. However, many have interests about the BTC and its future changes in the current and upcoming years. This article explains which factors will influence Bitcoin prices in 2021, its exchange rates to USD and financial results for the currency to finish the upcoming year

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Prediction for 2020

The price of the currency is the most important factor influencing the investment decisions by traders. With the limited amount of coins and the increasing demand for them, the potential Bitcoin price does not have its estimated maximum limits: there will be no specialist able to predict the price of the 21-million coin (this is the quantity of BTC tokens to be released) precisely. Based on that statement, one can conclude that the price will grow significantly in a long-term perspective with the increasing demand.

Most specialists have positive Bitcoin predictions for 2020. They state the currency to grow, reach new price records and make profitable investment owners happy. Throughout the decade of its existence, BTC never had significant price recessions. The dynamics was exclusively positive.   

IMPORTANT NOTE! No one is able to determine the precise Bitcoin price for upcoming two years, so the Bitcoin growth prediction for tomorrow, December 2020, year 2021 or other period is NOT a call to invest money in cryptocurrency. This info serves only for the purpose of acquaintance.

Bitcoin in November and December 2020

According to the analytics, the cryptocurrency course is able to change multiple times per day. Still, experts are able to notice long-term Bitcoin price changing dynamics.

BTC Rates for November 2020

Estimated Bitcoin rate: $10 129,60 during the first days of the month and $10 452,10 during the last ones:

  • Average price value: $10 097,04;
  • Maximum nominal: $10 469,75;
  • Minimum nominal: $9 875,61;

Changes: -1,16%.

Bitcoin Predictions for December 2020

Estimated Bitcoin rate: $10 480,32 during the first days of the month and $11 455,27 during the last ones:

  • Average mark: $10 974,61;
  • Maximum nominal: $11 505,27;
  • Minimum nominal: $10 417,61;

Changes: +8,69%.

Throughout the last two months, the currency moves within 9-10 thousand US dollars. Its price grew up by 30% since the beginning of the year, and as the graph shows, it will continue increasing till the very end of the year period.  

What to Expect from Bitcoin in 2021: Expert Analysis

Specialists offer “digging” even deeper and see what will happen to Bitcoin in 2021. The currency has good perspectives for the next year caused by different factors:

  • It is immune to inflation;
  • Used in many countries across the world;
  • Tamper-proof;
  • Is the alternative for real money;
  • Has limited emission.

On the other side, there are some negative features able to lower the popularity of crypto-money. That is why expert thoughts on BTC rates are different. Among positive opinions for 2021 one should notice the following:  

  1. Experts from one of the largest German banks, “Bayerische Landesbank”, suppose the exchange rate of the currency to reach the 90 000 USD mark throughout the upcoming 2 years.
  2. John McAfee, the antivirus software developer, states 1 BTC to grow up to $1 million till December 2020. McAfee explains his opinion with the limited quantity of coins in circulation.
  3. The Wall Street expert Tom Lee supposes Bitcoin price to increase up to $25 000 in 2020, and up to $55 000 in 2021.

There is also a bunch of pessimistic predictions:

  1. The criticist Peter Schiff stated an opinion about the price to fall first to 6000 dollars, then to 2000 usd. His analysis is based on graphs.
  2. Nouriel Roubini who predicted main world crises thinks 2020 to be the last year for Bitcoin, because this currency does not offer privacy, decentralization and financial security. Finally, people will get disappointed and BTC will lose its value.

Conclusions on Long-Term Bitcoin Growth Predictions

The united viewpoint that would allow analysts developing precise Bitcoin predictions does not exist nowadays:

  • Multiple experts see the coin price growth dynamics in future. But there are also the adepts of the rapid price drop to be possible within the nearest time;
  • Prognoses of analysts in different countries are much different. The most positive among those was made by Tim Draper. He predicted the price of 250 000 dollars for 1 BTC by the end on 2022;
  • The most part of crypto community participants anticipates the BTC prices to grow.

Only time can show which prediction will be correct. The most probable case is the four-year-cycle application turning into the stable growth stage after the current year halving. This means, one can watch after the cryptocurrency price to grow up to $200 000 within 3-4 years.

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