Exchange token Inanomo Nominum

LISTING: Exchange token listed on Inanomo June, 3rd 2022, the trading pair can be found here:

The liquidity pool on PancakeSwap (INOM-BUSD) was added earlier, on June, 1st.

Pool address: 0x9f2bcc972e05629b143ee6671c66ac1f58a1ccf7

Token contract:

💠 Network BSC: 0x428d12ffc8491b3643604870849359732E31511a

💠 Network ERC: 0x83b82Ec65A82f44133F5EE26b2f956b95733cF0b

Please note that INOM replenishment/withdrawal to the Inanomo exchange is currently only available on the BSC network (BEP-20)!

VESTING: as announced a few months ago, all tokens held in users Master accounts (purchased before the listing) have a vesting period.

*Vesting is the "locking" of tokens, whereby they are unlocked in installments over a period of time.

The main portion of the converted INOM tokens will be blocked for 10 months (starting on June 3rd). Each month the user will have 10% of their total number of tokens released:

🔘 Part 1 - July, 3rd 2022;

🔘 Part 2 - August, 3rd 2022;


🔘 10 (last) part - Apri, 3rdl 2023.

This gradual release of the INOM token into the market will reduce pressure from sales by early investors and support its value, while the token itself will be integrated into Inanomo Holding's launching system products.

How can I see the exact dates/number of tokens in vesting? To do this, click on the following link:

or follow the sequence of steps shown in the screenshot below (we recommend that you use the new exchange website with the updated design - - as the old one will be shut down soon):

In addition, the coins in the vesting are also in the staking* at 0.05% per day!

*Staking is a process whereby the user keeps their tokens on the exchange while receiving passive remuneration.

STAKING: Going to the relevant section, you will see that Auto-renewal Staking is available in 3 variants:

🔸Disabled - after 2 weeks, tokens from staking are moved to your balance along with accumulated reward;

🔸Capitalisation reward -  reward will be automatically added to the staked amount (thus creating compound interest), every 2 weeks the staking will be automatically renewed;

🔸 Withdraw reward - reward is added to your balance once in 2 weeks, the staked amount stays in the staking and renewed in every 2 weeks.

Accordingly, if you choose the second or third option and then want to take tokens out of the staking, remember to switch to the first option ("Disabled"), otherwise after 2 weeks the tokens will be sent to a new iteration of the staking.

Thus, after the INOM tokens which had a vesting period are unlocked (they can be withdrawn from the exchange, traded), the user has the opportunity to continue to keep them staking:

🔹 the minimum possible holding time is 2 weeks (tokens cannot be withdrawn earlier);

🔹 minimum number of tokens to enter the staking is 1000 INOM;

🔹 the rate is 0.05% per day, which is 18.25% per annum (excluding compound interest).

You can also purchase INOM tokens from the market and put them into a 2 week staking under the conditions described above.

Moreover, we have USD, USDT and USDC stacking on our exchange. The model implies no risk on the body of the deposit; gradually the number of assets for staking will be expanded.

BONUS PART: details of the bonus part for early investors in exchange tokens (INOM_A and ING) will be published later. A reminder that:

♦️ if you buy INOM_A on IEO on January 21st 2021, and hold it until the end of trading, your bonus part will be 60%;

♦️ if you buy INOM_A later (from the market) and hold it until the end of trading, your bonus part will be 50%;

♦️ if you buy an ING token and hold it until the end of trading (January 20th, 2022), your bonus part will be 20%.

TOKENOMICS: is in development. The token will have many applications planning at the moment.

The total emission of INOM is 3 billion:

The first round of investment raised $6 million from private investors: 300 million tokens were sold at $0.02. The remainder will be blocked until our Holding's development plans are fulfilled (additional seals will be held at a price above $0.02 per INOM). Discussions are already underway to raise a second round of investment of $30m.

Up to 40% of the issue will be sold to funds in several rounds, and a small amount (up to 5%) will be in the market. The rest will remain for staking and PoS when we launch our blockchain.

Tokenomics ensures that token’s usage will lead to its burning, thus increasing its lack The total emission is limited to the starting value, there will be no additional issues. Accordingly, as the number of users grows and, consequently, the number of tokens in subscriptions to various activities grows, the shortage in the market will gradually increase (which has a positive effect on the price of the asset). Details will be described in the next announcements.


🟢 Depending on the number of INOM tokens held on the user's balance, there are discounts on trading commissions, as well as a 5-tier referral grid on the exchange, with yields increasing depending on the number of tokens;

🟢 In addition to the standard staking pool, gaming pools (INOM retention for subscriptions, rare items and early access to games) with returns of over 100% per annum will be available soon!

🟢 An additional rewards mechanism for contributors of liquidity in INOM/BUSD pair (on PancakeSwap) will be presented soon;

🟢 We are currently in the process of integrating into CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Plans also include listing on the following exchanges: Gate, KuCoin, MEXC, Hotbit, Huobi are number 1 expansion targets. Then FTX, Crypto/com and Binance;

🟢 At the launch of Inanomo's own Marketplace - access to unique drops, NFT token and mint sealing terms, priority queue and enhanced functionality;

🟢 Priority eligibility and improved conditions to participate in Launchpad token seals on the exchange. As new products are launched, INOM exchange token holders receive early access to all of them;

🟢 INOM plays the role of the main settlement currency in the Oasis Metaverse (a meta-universe that is one of the central products of Inanomo Holding). There will be no way to mine the token in Oasis; in order to get it, users have the opportunity to produce quality content, which increases brand awareness and promotes the brand. Welcome to our Discord server:

🟢 The token will be available on Inanomo's own blockchain (being developed on hashgraph + WebAssembly for smart contracts) as well as for the Proof-of-Stake protocol.

If you still have questions, we are always happy to answer them in our Telegram Chat:

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