Details of conversion to INOM

Details of tokens conversion to INOM:

  🔁 1. Conversion will be made at the rate of $0,01 for 1 INOM;

 the starting price of the sale will be $0,02 for 1 INOM.

  🔐 2. The bonus received during the conversion cannot be provided to the sale;

 it will be credited after the sale and vesting will apply to it.

  🗓 3. Vesting for all tokens received as a 60% bonus will be 8 months at 12.5% unlocking per month.

  📌 4. Vesting for all tokens that are received as a 50% bonus (as well as a bonus from the ING token) will be 10 months at 10% unlocking per month.

  🔑 5. Vesting for the main part of the converted funds will be 8 months at 12.5% unlocking per month.

  💰 6. The total emission of the INOM will be 3 billion.

  📈 7. The first sale will be held for a total of $ 6M: 300M tokens at a price of $0,02.

 The rest will be locked until the development goals outlined in WP are met.

 Upon reaching certain points of the Roadmap, additional sales will be made at a price higher than $0,02 per 1 INOM.

 💸 8. The sale will contain several enter options (with and without vesting);

 20% of tokens after the sale will be immediately available in the market, and the rest will be unlocked at 8.5% per month for 12 months (last month 6.5%).

  📓 9. White Paper, including tokenomics and Roadmap, will be published before the sale.

  Benefits of owning INOM:

  🛒 1. Discounts on commissions and an extended referral program within the exchange, NFT-marketplace and (skill gaming) platform.

  🪙 2. Increased profitability from staking/farming pools and liquidity pools.

  🎟 3. Priority right and improved conditions for participation in token sales on Starter and NFT sales on the marketplace.

  💎 4. Availability of a single dividend pool for all activities of the Inanomo holding.

  🎁 5. Staking pool with an increased % for the exchange token, launched immediately after the conversion.

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