Spoiler: This material is completely written without the participation of ChatGPT!  (Almost 😅).

 On purpose, I will not focus too much on the whole wave of news about the superpowers of ChatGPT.  Let me just say that Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, securing the status of "preferred partner", and recent reports say that Microsoft is going to invest another $10 billion.

 And also to mention that the analytical platform asked AI to match 12 cryptocurrencies with zodiac signs.  Next, I will show what came out of this, and I will build my story of the past week in order, with respect to each pair.

 It is customary to start the zodiac with Aries - we start with him.  According to ChatGPT, it corresponds, no less, to Bitcoin itself.  They both embody a pioneering spirit:

 “Aries boldly plans and explores new territories.  Bitcoin has stirred up finances and opened up new opportunities.”

 Well, it's hard to argue.  By the way, it is estimated that over 300 million people in the world own BTC.

The “first” cryptocoin successfully conquers third world countries.  I spoke in detail about the successes of the "plan B" in El Salvador in the last issue.  BTC is doing great in the Bitcoin hub of Honduras.  And this week it became known that the Strike payment service, created on the basis of the Lightning network, entered the Philippine market.

 I also talked about the success of Strike in introducing the service in Africa in several past articles.

 The chatbot attributed Ethereum to Taurus.  The neural network believes that the sign is associated with stability.  Slightly strange statement from AI.  Apparently, he definitely didn’t “get” on commissions 😅 But the fact that Ether is stable in its plans and does not stop at anything is a fact.

 By the way, according to a CoinShares survey, 60% of investors believe that ETH has more upside potential than BTC.  And this week, Ethereum developers launched the Zhejiang testnet to simulate the withdrawal of ETH from the Beacon Chain staking contract.

 The feature will become available on the mainnet after the activation of the Shanghai hard fork in March.  Ethereum-studio ConsenSys also introduced the MetaMask Learn educational platform.  It is available in 10 languages and contains material about Web3, NFT, wallets, DeFi, DAO etc.

 According to ChatGPT, USDT corresponds to Gemini, and Cancer in the neural network is associated with USDC.  The chatbot considers this stablecoin safe, and here is what he says about his “twin brother” 😅:

 “Similar to Gemini’s ability to adapt to different environments, USDT is known for its versatility as a stablecoin that can be used across multiple platforms.”

 A bit of a drawn association, but Tether is really good in terms of versatility.  What is the news that the GBPT stablecoin can now be exchanged for fiat at 18,000 ATMs in Britain!

 Also, since we are talking about UK, I will tell you that this week the British Treasury presented its plan to regulate crypto exchanges and crypto landers.

 And according to Circle: The European Parliament has reached preliminary consensus on an EU Data Law that includes smart contract regulation. This is big news for the future of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the EU.

 In doing so, the European Investment Bank (EIB) issued its first sterling-denominated digital bond on a private blockchain in partnership with BNP Paribas, HSBC and RBC Capital Markets.

 German bank DekaBank will start offering crypto products to institutional investors, while UK-based HSBC is hiring crypto/tokenization specialists.

 In addition, Unbanked, a leading cryptocurrency card issuing service provider, has partnered with Mastercard to accelerate card issuance with a focus on Web3 and DeFi in Europe.

 Interestingly, according to NYDIG, the supply of Tether continues to grow as the market recovers, which means that new capital continues to enter the crypto!

Under the sign of Leo was Binance Coin.  According to the chatbot, they are associated with "royal chic".  Apparently the connection is due to the fact that BNB belongs to the “largest crypto exchange”, and also occupies a leading position in terms of day active users.

 Also this week, it became known that Binance and Mastercard are launching a new card in Brazil.  Binance also announces a partnership with the largest airline in Kazakhstan - Air Astana.

 And BNB Chain developers have submitted technical documentation for the Greenfield storage network.  Greenfield will become a Web3 analogue of existing cloud solutions, interaction with which will be implemented using smart contracts.  The network provides for the monetization of data using the BNB token.

 The team is collaborating with Amazon Web Services, NodeReal, and Blockdaemon on the project.

 Since we are talking about Amazon.  The company plans to introduce several NFT initiatives this year.  They include activities with blockchain games, as well as the launch of their own collection.

 Amazon Web Services is also hiring employees to upgrade its Web3 direction.  And in turn, Ledger enters into a partnership with the South Korean Samsung!

 When buying from Amazon, Samsung will offer Ledger Nano X wallet buyers a special Web3 package.  About the handsome wallets Ledger - told in several past articles.

 South Korea, by the way, will deploy a cryptocurrency transaction tracking system in 2023!  I'll let you know the details as soon as they become available.

 Back to ChatGPT, which is sure that Virgo is associated with practicality, and Ripple's XRP is used as a "practical solution for cross-border payments."  It is strange that the AI did not pay attention to Lightning on this occasion, but we will not judge him strictly.

 The association is most likely due to the fact that one of the largest and safest crypto exchanges, Bitstamp, now also supports euro-backed IOUs in the XRP Ledger!

 From January 26 to March 27, 2023, we offer zero transfer fees for all IOU transfers.  Take advantage of this promotion and move your funds easily and economically.

 Also this week, it became known that the Central Bank of Montenegro entered into a partnership with Ripple to launch a pilot project of the national digital currency (CBDC), Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic announced.

 At the same time, the payment company Novatti, which is a partner of Ripple, received a license in New Zealand.

 As for CBDC, I would add that one of the largest retail chains in India, Reliance Retail, has started accepting digital rupees as part of a pilot!

 ChatGPT listed BUSD as Libra because "both are focused on balance and stability."

In this part of the article, perhaps, I will quote the head of Binance, which also echoes the previous sign of the Zodiac:

 “20 years ago, if I told you that there is a new way to send information around the world with more speed and less cost.  Would you use it? Today I'm telling you that there is a new way to send money around the world with faster speeds and lower fees."

 Justin Sun, whose projects were ignored by ChatGPT, announced this week that he would be moving to Hong Kong.  In his opinion, TRON and Huobi will play a leading role in the development of the region.

 “China has taken a big step towards regulating cryptocurrencies by imposing a tax on crypto transactions.  This signals the growing use of cryptocurrencies in the country.”

 Meanwhile, Hong Kong will introduce mandatory licensing for stablecoin issuers and ban any algorithmic stablecoins from operating in the jurisdiction, the local financial regulator said.

 At the same time, it became known that Cardano launched its own mainnet DJED algorithmic stablecoin.  By the way, ChatGPT associates Scorpio with Cardano.  The system described this sign as a symbol of change, and the blockchain platform as a transformation in the financial industry.  Back to the Dr. Cox meme ☝🏻

 Sagittarius, according to AI, is Dogecoin due to the sign's attraction to adventure:

 “Dogecoin started out as a joke but has become a popular and adventurous cryptocurrency.”

 By the way, on another Midjourney AI platform, the artist Lil Bubble "painted" popular crypto assets in the form of transformers.  This is what the crowd favorite looks like:

Doggy fans continue to be in anticipation as Twitter begins to apply for licenses to enter the payments business in the US.

 Bird is working on integrating the payment system and is currently awaiting regulatory approval.  It will focus on fiat currencies, but is designed with the possibility of adding cryptocurrencies.  Whether the dreams of the fans of the meme-token are destined to come true - time will tell.

 At the same time, lawyer John Deaton believes that the SEC may sue Twitter for accepting payments in DOGE, because Dogecoin can be classified as an unregistered security.

 Polygon, on the other hand, was correlated by the chatbot with Capricorn.  The neural network believes that this sign symbolizes hard work, while the token is a diligent solution for scaling Ethereum.

 Polygon, by the way, overtook Ethereum in terms of daily active users.  And I talked about the BNB leader above.

 Even more "water poured" ChatGPT, correlating with Aquarius Polkadot:

 “Blockchain technology aims to offer a more interoperable and scalable platform for decentralized applications.  This corresponds to the progressive and far-sighted traits of Aquarius."

 By the way, this week it became known that Toyota is exploring DAO tools and blockchain integration to improve the company's work.  And according to Santiment, it was Polkadot that became the leader among crypto projects with the highest developer activity over the past 30 days.

 Pisces corresponds to the "character" of Solana.  The chatbot is sure that they both represent the embodiment of dreams and imagination:

 "Solana gives developers the tools to turn their ideas into tangible, working projects."

 I agree with this statement from AI.  Solana Mobile reports that Solana Saga smartphones will be shipped to 33 countries and pre-orders are already open.  I talked about the gadget in more detail in one of the previous issues of the Digest.

 ChatGPT finished its work with a warning that the specified links are subjective.  They are not backed by science or facts.

 Here's a really interesting fact for you.  AI-driven investment fund powered by IBM Watson supercomputer outperforms the market by almost 100%!

 In turn, ChatGPT called the shares to buy according to the Buffett strategy.  They were: PepsiCo and Unilever, as well as Amazon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

 At the same time, Charlie Munger, Buffett's right hand, wrote an article in the WSJ, in which he explained why the crypt should be banned in the USA!

 "Why should America ban crypto? It's not a currency, it's a gaming contract with an almost 100% house edge."

 Meanwhile, a bill has been introduced in the New York State Assembly that would allow government agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for fines, taxes, fees, and other fees imposed by the state.

 I’ll end the article by saying that, according to a deVere survey, over the past 12 months, despite a difficult market, 8 out of 10 wealthy clients with assets of $1 million or more asked their financial advisers to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios!

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