Cryptocurrency ZRX: news of the 0x project and price of the coin

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Start of development of the project – 2017

Standard of the token – ERC-20 Ethereum

Market capitalization –  $149 million.

ICO  –  August, 2017

Total emission – 1 000 000 000 ZRX

In circulation -  626 286 727  ZRX

Listing -

Coinmarketcap rating - № 41

Maximal price of the token over the time - $2,53

Minimal price of the token over the time - $0,1039

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ZRX cruptocurrency review

0x (ZRX) is the protocol, that has open source code and is developed on the platform of the smart contract Ethereum (ERC20). By means of this protocol, an opportunity arises to create decentralized exchanges (DEX) and many other applications. It is not an end product, that is a ready “exchanger” or exchange, but serves as a platform (or core) for creation thereof. While being a decentralized platform, it is sharply different from centralized exchanges and platforms (using other protocols), and it has own competitive advantages. Moreover, good resistance to hacks and lack of regulation serve as a good addition thereto.

0x protocol (with its open source code) allows to conduct trade practically on any crypto-exchange without passing of registration or authentication, through liquidity pool of Ethereum network, and the exchanges themselves (working on this protocol) can't block the users' accounts and, consequently, their funds (the user himself is responsible for safety of funds). Moreover, we need to mention quite an attractive algorithm of market events analysis at compilation of correct forecasts.

Attraction of funds for development and launch of this project was implemented by means of ICO conduction, and sale of the first ZRX token was held in the middle of August, 2017.

Founders and developers initially attracted $24 million.

1 billion tokens were issued in total (fixed emission).

The developers own – 150 000 000 ZRX

The founders own – 150 000 000 ZRX

Early investors own – 100 000 000 ZRX

Project’s founding members own – 100 000 000 ZRX

Mining of the coin is not foreseen.

Currently, there are more than 625 million coins in circulation.

Having passed listing on famous exchange platforms, the token has become a full-fledged altcoin and obtained a title 0x (ZRX).

Charts of capitalization and value of ZRX token
Charts of capitalization and value of ZRX token

As many others, having lived through several rises and falls of the token’s rate, to date the project has (according to the data of Coinmarketcap) the market capitalization amounting to $149 066 685, which is more than 7 times higher than funds, attracted in the course of ICO.

Eliminating the deficiencies of many decentralized and centralized platforms, 0x protocol is quite perspective against the growing market of users and developers of the apps in Ethereum network. That is an obvious and significant positive factor, to date, which will be constantly stimulating demand for ZRX coin. Well, and, obviously, fixed emission of tokens and lack of an opportunity of mining in long-term perspective will be only increasing the demand and price indicators of quotations of this altcoin on exchange platforms.

Having become quite popular within the developers’ and traders’ environment, the project’s cryptocurrency, after the listing, is traded on the exchange Inanomo in pairs ZRX/USD , ZRX/USDT , ZRX/BTC , ZRX/ETH and has good liquidity.

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