Cryptocurrency WTC: price and news of the Walton project

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Start of the project -  10.2016

Developers – Korea, China.

Standard of the token  – ERC20 Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization  -  $14 995 482 USD.

Total emission – 70 000 000 WTC.

In circulation -  69 650 280 WTC.

Coinmarketcap rating - № 149

Maximal price of the token over the time - $45,96 USD.

Minimal price of the token over the time - $0,142135 USD.


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WTC cruptocurrency review

Walton  – is a technological platform, that was named after Charlie Walton (talented developer of RFID technology, who left this world in the end of 2011), and dedicated to 5 years anniversary of his death.

While being a basis of the project, RFID technology, developed and patented by Charlie Walton, obtained wide distribution and application in most different segments: contactless cards, control systems, QR-coding, payment systems and so on.

The main feature of the technology is a mechanism of identification, ensuring the opportunity to read and record the information on objects (located in RFID-trackers) by a contactless way, by means of radio-frequency identification (radio signals).

The main link (or core) of the platform Walton, on which the data exchange is conducted, is called Waltonchain network.

WaltonChain is actively utilizing sidechains or “child chains” in its architecture. Security of the functionality of “child chains” creation is accessible to all the users, as well as configuration of their parameters. Along with that, management of “child chains” is performed by the main chain WaltonChain, that functions regardless of sidechains.

Nods store (record) transactions only of WTC tokens, however without recording data in “child chains”.

The developers claim, that it provides dynamic and scalable nature to the network.

Achievement of network’s consensus occurs due to refinement of PoS (Proof of Stake) protocol, named by the developers PoST (Proof of Stake & Trust).

In other words, “nod reputation” is being checked, that is, all the nods of the networks are now assessed by individual parameters.

This innovative solution has significantly increased the reliability of the network.

Relying on these innovative developments, WaltonChain is creating a real business ecosystem, uniting Distributing Ledger Technology (blockchain), RFID technology with IoT technology (Internet of Things).

Walton team is developing and manufacturing RFID-chips (tiny marks, seed-size, that is easily attached to clothes or any other product), in order to read transactions’ identifiers, that can generate own random hash-identifiers, which are simultaneously uploaded to blockchain through RFID reader.

This leads to increase in operational efficiency, especially in cases of utilization of supply chain, such as identification of high-class clothes, tracking food and medicine, as well as monitoring of logistics.

In general, the synergy of all three technologies on the basis of common platform provides significant advantages for conduction and development of various business models:

  1. High level of security;
  2. Opportunity to track the sources;
  3. Exclusion of plagiarism or forgeries (fraud);
  4. Reduction of labour input (cost of labour force).
  5. General increase of efficiency and business optimization.

Currently, market capitalization of the project is $15 910 032 USD.

The “service” token of Walton Chain is WTC coin, supporting the standard ERC-20 Ethereum, used for creation of sidechains, settlements within the system, payment of dividends and participation in the system of smart crediting.

The highest price of the token was observed on 28th January, 2018 and amounted to $45,96 USD per token.

The lowest indicator was noticed on 13th of March, 2020 and amounted to $0,142135 USD.

Charts of capitalization and value of WTC token
Charts of capitalization and value of WTC token

WTC token has passed listing on various exchange platforms, including Inanomo and is most often traded in the combinations WTC/BTC,  WTC/ETH , WTC/USDT.

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