Cryptocurrency TRX: coin price and predictions of the TRON project

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Start of the project’s development – end of 2017

Country – China

Standard of the token – TRON-10, TRON-20

Listing -

Market capitalization – around $1 114 000 000.

Total emission – 100 000 000 000 TRX

In circulation -  66 682 072 191 of TRX tokens

Coinmarketcap rating - № 15

Maximal price of the token over the time - $ 0,300363

Minimal price of the token over the time - $ 0,001091


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TRX cruptocurrency review

TRON – is a blockchain protocol with open code for deploying decentralized ecosystem with simplified mechanism of creation and placement of application and content of entertaining nature in the network, which users can share without mediators.

Tronix (TRX) - is TRON cryptoasset, that is a native altcoin and that was issued in order to ensure remuneration for sale or placement of content.

Platform of the project is capable of supporting some side blockchains and smart contracts. Standards of TRON tokens are compatible with Ethereum, which simplifies migration of the projects to this blockchain. Moreover, having renounced mining, the developers realized the algorithm DPoS – Delegated Proof of Stake (division of functions of validators and keepers with the right of voice).


TRON founder is currently well-known Chinese, Justin Sun, who nowadays in included in the TOP of Forbes rating.

Funds on development and launch of the project, as in the first case, were attracted in 2017 by means of ICO conduction. As a result of tokensale (initial token offer), 15 000 BTC were attracted, and total emission amounted to 100 billion tokens.


On the basis of blockchain, developers of the project managed to create and seriously develop one of the largest operational systems and take a firm stand within a thriving segment of entertaining content.

Ecosystem of the network is intended to become reliable decentralized bridge or direct common thread between the creators and customers of entertainment content and applications.


Ridding everyone of centralized barriers (as on YouTube etc.) and withdrawing limitation of rights between them, TRON is a basis for convenient and easy content distribution.

Now, the producers and developers of various content (applications, games, musical, graphic files, etc.) can receive remuneration directly from an end user, and the user himself can download or place without “sweating”.

As you’ve already understood, TRX became a mean of settlements between them.


A good addition for the whole concept was acquisition and integration of cross-platform software BitTorrent into the ecosystem TRON in 2018 (prototype of current decentralized blockchain platforms) with its huge audience of users.

Structuration of technical TRON architecture
Structuration of technical TRON architecture.

Structuration of TRON architecture comprises three levels:


  1. Storage of blocks and statuses, GPRS-framework RPC.
  2. Core level (management of accounts, modules of smart contracts, consensus).
  3. Level of applications (creation of DApps on the protocols of languages Java, Scala, C++, Python, Go and others).


Blockchain of TRON network, officially launched in June of 2018, has a number of serious competitive advantages.

Due to improvement of TPS (transactions per second), developers managed to obtain high throughput. And by means of high-impact smart contract, support of huge number of network’s users became possible. The problem of blockchain’s scalability was solved “excellent” or “very well”.

DPoS mechanism solved tasks of fair distribution of remuneration and security issue.


Despite the critics, various opinions and views, arising over the period of project’s existence, it has proven its viability and attractiveness.

Not long ago, there was news if social media, that within the framework of strategic partnership, the ecosystem TRON will soon “welcome” into its blockchain a decentralized social network and application «Steemit», which had a positive impact on total quotation of the token, which capitalization has already exceeded $2 billion.

Moreover, in the middle of January, 2020, the intentions of TRON became known, regarding implementation of technology of proof with zero agreement zk-SNARKs into the token, which, according to developers, shall lead to unprecedented security level.

TRON started being supported by multitude of mobile, desktop and web-wallets, such as TronWallet Desktop, TronLink, VenaPiWallet, BitKeepWallet, BiMoney, Banko, Buntoy, TronATM, Bixin, Math Wallet, HOO, and also an apparatus wallet Ledger.

Charts of capitalization and value of TRX token
Charts of capitalization and value of TRX token

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