Cryptocurrency STORJ: news of the Storj project and price of the coin

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ICO of the project  -  06. 2017

Standard of the token  – ERC-20 Ethereum

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Market capitalization  –  $10 899 235 USD

Total emission  –  424 999 998 STORJ

In circulation  - 135 787 439 STORJ

Coinmarketcap rating - № 168

Maximal price of the token over the time - $3,13 USD

Minimal price of the token over the time  - $0,048353 USD


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STORJ – is a decentralized platform for cloud data storage, based on the blockchain Ethereum. 

Unlike classic cloud servers like Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 (AWS), developers propose us to utilize user’s capacities of computers all over the world. The very disk space of any person can become a component of decentralized cloud network of storage and data transfer, named Tardigrade.

Cloud storage Tardigrade allows to encrypt the files and break them into client parts, thereafter distributing them over global network of storage nods of high productivity, which makes compromise or hack of user’s data practically impossible.

In other words, all the user data and files are automatically encrypted before uploading to network, and only the owner of uploaded content can decipher them. Besides, files are divided by parts and stored on various nods of cloud storage, which also significantly enhances the security and excludes compromise of private or corporate data (reserve copying and storage of critical records of databases).

In order to become a part of the global ecosystem STORJ, i.e. the operator of a nod of storage and transfer, it’s enough to have free disc space and normal throughput.

Here, no additional hardware or energy-intensive processor is required. All, that’s needed is reliable connection to Internet and enough space on the hard drive.

How tardigrade compares
How tardigrade compares

As can be observed from the screenshot, data storage with utilization of decentralized network of cloud storage STORJ is not only 100% secure and confidential, but also significantly cheaper, than of modern industry’s giants.

It gives additional qualitative advantage to the platform.

Minimal requirements for connection to network as a nod’s operator:


  1. single-core processor;
  2. Hard drive from 500 Gb;
  3. Throughput from 2Tb a month;
  4. Speed of outgoing traffic from 5 Mb/sec.;
  5. Speed of ingoing traffic from 25 Mb/sec;
  6. Computer’s downtime up to 5 hours/month.


If a user complies with a technical minimum, he is sent an authorization token and instructions on configuration and initiation of work.

As soon as the nod is tuned, it starts receiving fragments of encrypted files. Later, a user shares the fragments of files, when a client requests them, and receives deserved remuneration.

The remuneration is paid to the nod’s operator for storage and throughput, provided by him in STORJ network.

And…- it’s better than expensive mining.

Mining of bitcoin costs a lot, requires a lot of energy and expensive equipment, moreover it’s not so beneficial and is much more complicated, than becoming an operator of storage nod.

From this point of view, mining has quite a good competitor…

Besides, as a “cherry on a cake”, STORJ proposes to the community of decentralized apps’ developers their global opportunities and mutually beneficial collaboration.

STORJ fits perfectly for apps with open source code, that require reliable imbedded storage and, at the same time, while procuring cloud storage from aside, they can receive additional income.

The projects with open source code, including STORJ as an option of cloud storage for their applications, can use the model of income distribution. For every dollar made by the platform, it shares 10% with a partner – developer of apps (with open source code).

In conclusion, after description of the mechanism and marketing component of the platform, let’s move to financial aspects.

So, STORJ platform is based on Ethereum blockchain, and a same-name coin STORJ, supporting the standard ERC-20, became a token of the platform.

ICO of the project was conducted in May of 2017 and collected $ 30 million.


Total emission of the token amounted to 424 999 998 STORJ .

Currently, there are 135 787 439 STORJ in circulation.

Market capitalization of the project is  $10 899 235 USD .

The highest market price of STORJ tokens was observed on 09th of January, 2018 and amounted to  $3,13 USD per token.

The minimal price was fixed on 13th of March, 2020 at the level of $0,048353 USD per token.

Charts of capitalization and value of STORJ token
Charts of capitalization and value of STORJ token

STORJ token has passed listing on exchange platforms, including Inanomo , Upbit, Binance, Huobi Global  and is most often traded in the following pair combinations STORJ /BTC , STORJ /ETH .

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