Cryptocurrency REP: chart of the price, news and predictions of the Augur project

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ICO - 10.2015

Token standard - ERC20 Ethereum.

Listing -

Market cap - $ 79,972,460 USD

Total issue - 11,000,000 REP

In circulation - 11,000,000 REP

Coinmarketcap Market Rank - № 52

All time maximum token price - $ 99.80 USD

All time minimum token price - $ 0.782968 USD

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REP cruptocurrency review

Augur is a decentralized «event forecasting» platform based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Due to its decentralization, it allows any user to make their forecasts on the result (or outcome) of any world events or create their own forecast markets.

These can be events related to anything.

For example, in political forecasting, users can turn their political knowledge into predictive power by sharing the results of the upcoming elections, potential political decisions and other events.

With insurance forecasting, users can hedge against catastrophic events: natural disasters, market crashes and geopolitical shocks, betting that the event will happen.

In corporate forecasting, company management can use the Augur platform to forecast important information, such as total product sales and project completion dates, before making decisions.

The project is especially relevant for the segments of gambling, online casinos, financial betting.

The concept of the platform’s developers is to provide users with an effective and yet easy way to bet on specific (or selected) events on the Augur network platform, where the margin is several times lower and network control is impossible due to decentralization.

The Augur project is trying to find an application for an open worldwide peer-to-peer registry that offers blockchain technology, as well as game theory and financial incentives, to explore the possibilities of the concept of collective intelligence and the ability to give more accurate predictions of the outcome of future events.

These technologies should allow expanding the number of participants and the volume of events of traditional betting platforms, thereby increasing the number of available markets and their accuracy.

We can say that the Augur platform is a large-scale “betting” platform, which propose to study the concept of collective intelligence and its capabilities. For users, the project provides an opportunity to capitalize on their own analytical abilities or intuition.

Besides all these features, Augur has the basic characteristics of a digital project. A decentralized environment, free user access, storage and transaction security based on the blockchain - all this significantly increases the relevance of the platform compared to conventional "betting" companies.

Given the enormous volume of the sports betting market, as well as online casinos, the Augur token has serious potential for further growth, especially given that the platform offers users advanced software tools that increase the probability of guessing sports events.

The functionality and activity of the Augur network is supported by the REP token of the ERC20 standard (“reputation token”), which forms a reputation structure where the most responsible users receive material support by charging commissions to their account when confirming transactions realized within the platform.

Tokens are in the process of regular redistribution.

In the case when users do not take part in forecasting events for a long time or often make mistakes, coins are redistributed among more active and successful users.

Using this principle of network operation ensures constant activity of the platform participants, and also stimulates the circulation of tokens inside the platform, increasing its exchange rates and popularity among users.

The total issue of the token is 11,000,000.

Of these, 80% was sold to investors through ICO for more than $ 5 million.

The remaining 20% ​​was distributed between the developers and the forecast fund.

The market capitalization of the project is currently about $ 80 million.

The maximum market price of REP tokens was fixed on January 11, 2018 and amounted to $ 99.80 USD per token.

The minimum price of the token was fixed on September 4, 2016 at around $ 0.782968 USD per token.

Charts of capitalization and value of REP token
Charts of capitalization and value of REP token

The REP token has been listed on exchanges, including Inanomo, BitMart, Bithamb, LATOKEN, VinDAX, KRAKEN and is often traded in combinations of REP/BTC, REP/ETH , REP/USD, REP/USDT, REP/EUR.

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