Cryptocurrency PPT: news of the Populous project and chart of the price

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Creation of the project – 2017

ICO of the project -  09.2017

Standard of the token – ERC20.

Listing -

Market capitalization -  $ 11 217 683 USD

Total emission –  53 252 246 PPT

In circulation  -  53 252 246 PPT

Coinmarketcap rating - № 158

Maximal price of the token PPT over the time - $76,49 USD

Minimal price of the token PPT over the time -  $0,143015 USD

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Review of the PPT cryptocurrency

Populous - is the project of unique trading P2P/B2B ecosystem, built on the network of Ethereum blockchain for investors of small and medium enterprises, creates in order to ensure the entrepreneurs prompt trading financing and liquidity security, for development and full-fledged business functioning and also for structured and balanced business analytics.

The platform proposes four extremely useful opportunities: 

  1. Invoice Finance;
  2. Invoice Discount;
  3. Invoice Factoring;
  4. РХР Business Intelligence (platform of business analytics).

Invoice Finance (financing of accounts) – a form of financing, which instantly opens monetary funds, connected with unpaid invoices of sales. Business owners allow customers of invoices to buy invoices with lower price in order to faster unblock their funds. As soon as an invoice is paid by a debtor, billing an invoice, a buyer of an invoice receives provisionally agreed-upon sum of money. Perhaps, your business has been facing long payment cycles with your clients, or, maybe your business is growing too fast and you need to collect the money faster than the clients actually pay to you. If that’s what your business is coming through, invoice financing can become the best solution for financing of your business thanks to its agility and ability to quickly unblock the funds.

This is fast, flexible and transparent way to overcome deficit of funds and support positive financial condition of the company. Lack of financial stress will increase productivity and efficiency not only of you, but also of your employees. Inflow of monetary funds allows you to worry less about daily operations, while sparing you time for concentration on investment opportunities, new projects and growth plans’ implementation. Regardless of whether you offer product or service, Invoice Finance will allow you to have cash, required for procurement of new shares, payment for suppliers, facing needs of clients or procurement of new equipment.

Invoice Discount – is discounting of invoices, which can provide big help, when enterprises face long-term conditions of payment, often connected to large contracts or large orders, especially in the current credit environment, where limitations and barriers impede the companies borrowing funds from banks or traditional creditors.

Invoice Discounting – is, first and foremost, confidentiality. Your clients and competitors don’t know that you use a provider of invoice discounting. The service is absolutely confidential! Clients are still paying you directly, as always, and they don’t need to know that the third party is involved.

Besides, invoice discounting might help to improve credit rating and open new investment opportunities, contributing to business expansion. Discounting of accounts is growing with your business! The level of available financing is increasing with your turnover.

For business, that has to deal with slow payment cycles, discounting of invoices is a significant way of fast and flexible financing.

At discounting, credit control and collection of payables on invoices is secured by entrepreneurs themselves.

Invoice Factoring –factoring of invoices – is efficient and flexible way of releasing regular volumes of operating capital. It relieves the stress and pressure from the side of paid personnel and overhead costs at time, allowing you to plan the stable growth in advance.

Difference between factoring of invoices and discounting of invoices is defined by the fact of who takes on management of sales register and who is responsible for collection of payments.

Factoring allows to significantly improve productivity and financial condition of your business, manage your credit control and recover payment from your debtors, and it means that all you need to do – is focus on development of your business.

The main goal of business analytics is to help business enterprises and their managers to take more reasonable decisions, secured by accurate, but simplified data. As a result, it will help them to define new opportunities for business, trends and to reduce costs or to identify inefficient processes, requiring attention.

Populous XBRL (PXP) accumulates the mass of data and makes them available for business analysts.

XBRL - is an international standard of digital accountability for enterprises, computer language, that is utilized for communication and exchange of reports on business efficiency.

XBRL unites all this information into a standardized format, allowing users to easily compare and evaluate financial condition of the company.

Besides, the function of PXP business analytics allows users to fulfil the test of company’s creditworthiness, in order to make smart business steps and study which markets are to be unveiled and ways of their expansion.

PXP has inbuilt XBRL into own system of credit links and, by means of this XBRL mechanism, one can extract useful data, which provide users an opportunity to forecast multi-sectoral trends in real time mode and create reports.

With credit reports of the company you can: 

  1. Receive detailed financial picture of any client or supplier, before deciding to work with him;
  2. Help to protect your business from payment arrears;
  3. Look through the credit rating of your company, check the company’s creditworthiness, recommended credit limit and trends of financial payments.

Unfortunately, despite rather impressive start of the project and its large-scale capitalization, that was reaching $2,5 billion, currently it’s showcasing rather low indicators.

All the system of project’s and platforms’ payments is conducted with utilization of a service token – Pokens Populous Token (PTT), supporting the standard ERC20 Ethereum. Simultaneously, it fulfils the functions of stablecoin, since it’s secured and coincides with price denomination of users’ fiat assets.

Use of Ethereum’s smart contracts excludes a chance of fraud, since the smart contract won’t allow the invoices, that were already financed, receive double financing. Thus, smart contract is a protective layer and a guarantor of fulfilment of the liabilities by both sides.

Total emission of coins is 53 252 246 PPT.

ICO was conducted in summer, 2017 and collected $ 10 000 000 USD.

During the ICO 35 998 518 of PPT coins were sold.

66,7% from total emission of the coins account for the share of institutional and venture investors.

There are 53 252 246 PPT in circulation.

The highest market price of  PPT tokens was observed on 28th of January, 2018 and amounted to $ 76,49 USD per token.

The lowest token’s price was observed on 13th of March, 2020 and amounted to $0,143015 USD per token.

Charts of price and capitalization of PPT token
Charts of price and capitalization of PPT token

PPT token has passed listing on exchange platforms, including Inanomo and is most often traded in the following pair combinations  PPT/BTC,  PPT/ETH .

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