Cryptocurrency MTL: cards and wallet of the Metal project and price of the coin

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ICO of the project -  09.2017

Standard of the token – ERC20 Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization – $ 17 129 410 USD

Total emission – 66 588 888 MTL

In circulation  -  64 883 821 MTL

Coinmarketcap rating - № 159

Maximal token price over the time - $14,82 USD

Minimal token price over the time - $0,207328


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MTL cruptocurrency review

METAL project is a concept of payment network or the system of processing of the transactions, embodied by the developers and built on the ground of Ethereum blockchain, utilizing PoPP algorithm as a method of achieving the consensus. At this consensus, every user, carrying out any transaction receives remuneration from the network (in the form of tokens).

A user doesn’t pay any commission for conduction of procurements, as well as for exchanges or other transactions, moreover he receives additional bonuses in the form of the platform’s tokens. The higher the activity of a user in METAL, the more tokens are transferred to him, which subsequently can be utilized in new transactions.

The priority is allocated to the following: private transactions, utilization of bank accounts and debit cards. This scheme, linking the banking segment and private cryptoassets is useful both for private users and for the small business structures.

The distinguishing feature of the platform lies in the opportunity of converting fiat to cryptoassets, which contributes to business development, since the business is more and more often utilizing cryptoassets in its settlements. Thanks to encryption use, the transactions are secure.

Having created a P2P decentralized platform (on the basis of the app), the project’s developers implemented the tools, integrating with the payment structuration of banks and business, and, furthermore, they took into account the interests of private users. In order to implement the two-side exchange of fiat and cryptoassets, DApp was created, imbedded with a wallet, by means of which all the online transactions are performed.

The developers of METAL project contribute to popularization of cryptoassets use, as well as to the highest accessibility, convenience for users and participants of transactions.

The main advantages of the project are as follows:


  1. Extremely fast transactions in the cryptoasset selected;
  2. Lack of mediating chains and commissions;
  3. Protection of the personal confidential information;
  4. Application of digital money at payment for daily purchases;
  5. Fixation of current prices for cryptoassets for payment helps to reduce the factors of volatility;
  6. Integration of transactional processes with credit/debit cards.


The last factor is the one that ensures the convenience of ubiquitous use of METAL. The users have an opportunity to convert fiat from their cards into cryptoassets directly, getting rid of centralized exchanges, factors of risk and any other inconveniences connected thereto.

The token of the project is MTL coin, its total emission amounts to 66 588 888 MTL.

Currently, there are 64 883 821 MTL in circulation.

These indicators attest to a good level of demand for the project’s tokens.

The highest price of MTL tokens was witnessed on the 07th of September, 2017 - $ 14,82 USD.

The lowest indicator was observed on the 15th of December, 2018 and amounted at $ 0,207328 USD.

Nowadays, total market capitalization of the project is equal to $ 17 129 410 USD.

Charts of capitalization and value of MTL token
Charts of capitalization and value of MTL token

MTL token has passed listing on various exchange platforms, among which there are Inanomo , Bithumb, Bilaxy, Binance, Exrates, and is most often traded in the following pair combinations MTL/BTC, MTL/ETH , MTL/USDT .

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