Cryptocurrency MANA: news of the project Decentraland and prediction of the token price

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ICO of the project -  08.2017

Standard of the token – ERC20 Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization -  $36 716 631 USD

Total emission -  2 644 403 343 MANA

In circulation  -  1 050 141 509 MANA

Coinmarketcap rating - № 105

Maximal token price over the time - $ 0,288857 USD

Minimal token price over the time - $ 0,007883 USD

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MANA cruptocurrency review

DecentraLand is VR decentralized platform, developed by the community of gamers, artists, hackers, entrepreneurs and many other enthusiasts, who laid the foundation of the first virtual world, that belongs to the community.

This is the whole virtual world, where every participant can acquire a digital piece of land, making it unique, and also interact with other users within the whole ecosystem of DecentraLand. Its “inhabitants” can buy or sell the land, travel, attend places, create various landscapes, buildings, test and inspect everything around, model and modernize.

DecentraLand is not just another game This is a large-scale ecosystem with own full-fledged virtual platform. The core and the main value (asset) of the platform is the land (piece of land), that is always in deficit.

Everyone can qualify for the purchase of the land and, when becoming an owner, can make with this land everything he/she wants, even build a skyscraper for its subsequent resale. The pieces of land, acquired by users, are attached to them “forever” and are stated in Ethereum smart contract (more precisely, in accounting book of blockchain) and also, users obtain full control over the type of content to be published on their territory.

Territory of DecentraLand
Territory of DecentraLand

The marketplace - DecentraLand Marketplace – is completely decentralized and open market, where you can find, sell or buy, manage your pieces of land (that is, LAND). LAND is varied in its quality, and one can acquire the land on the “secondary market” much cheaper.

Builder – simple in use DecentraLand editor will help you in creation, design and fulfilment of your fantasies on your LAND. LAND is procured with help of / at expense of MANAservice token, utilized in the world of DecentraLand for procurement of land, avatars, collection and entertainment objects.

 After procurement of LAND the token MANA is burned.

So, MANA – is token of ERC20 standard that can be stored in wallets, supporting this standards (there are plenty). Mining of this coin is not provided for, since it supports PoS algorithm, and the developers held Pre-mining (the process, where a developer or a team of developers mines a particular amount of currency for themselves prior to the official launch of the project).

ICO, conducted on 17-19 August, 2017, was held efficiently. Due to large interest of users and crypto-community to the new development and its perspectives, it was possible to collect as much as $ 24 million in 30 seconds.

Total emission of tokens: 2 644 403 343 MANA.

Currently, there are around 1 050 141 509 tokens in circulation.

Market capitalization of the project is $35 499 402 USD.

Maximal price of the token MANA was fixed on 10th of January, 2018 and amounted at $0,288857 USD.

Minimal value over the time was shown on 13th of October, 2017 and was equal to $0,007883 USD.

Charts of capitalization and value of MANA token
Charts of capitalization and value of MANA token

MANA token has passed listing on exchange platforms, some of them are the following: Inanomo , OKEx, MXC, Binance, Exrates, LATOKEN and is most often traded in the pair combinations


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