Cryptocurrency KNC: review and news of the Kyber Network project

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Start of the project -  2017

Standard of the token – ERC20 Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization – around $ 125,5 million

Total emission – 211 432 813 KNC

In circulation -  179 551 264 KNC

Coinmarketcap rating - №50

Maximal price of the token over the time - $ 6,00

Minimal price of the token over the time - $0,1135


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KNC cruptocurrency review

KyberNetwork - is a decentralized platform, including the service of exchange and payment system, functioning on the basis of Ethereum blockchain protocol, allowing to carry out instant exchanges and conversion of cryptoassets by means of smart contracts due to the high degree of liquidity, which is enabled by dynamic reserve fund (pool) of the platform.

In other words, the platform helps to implement the operations of guaranteed exchange or payment between the participants directly, utilizing smart contracts, thus leapfrogging the necessity of placing the participants’ funds on accounts, linked to the platform (as it often happens on the exchanges). At that, exchange or conversion of any users’ cryptoassets occurs “on the fly” at the real and fair exchange rate with symbolic commission, which is very profitable, convenient and fast. Now there is no more necessity in introducing your tokens on the exchanges, converting them into the coins required and only after that transfering them. The platform allows to conduct this procedure almost instantly. Besides, there are no registrations or verifications.

One of the main issues, resolved by the developers is constant enablement of liquidity (especially in the periods of active demand) on account of trade reserve funds platforms, that are being formed thanks to attraction of companies and private investors (who subsequently become reserve’s managers) to placement of excesses of their assets in trade reserve funds (tokens, cryptocurrencies). Cryptoassets are placed as a reserve and make money, simultaneously ensuring the liquidity of reliable trading platform.

Thus, any person can act as a reserve for Kyber Network, in order to earn spreads on transactions and make tokens available and liquid for users, DApps and financial platforms within the ecosystem. The partners in this issue can be as follows: exchanges, holders of a large amount of cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as funds managers, investing into the crypto-field. The platform proposes all the subjects who have interest in the matter the opportunity of mutually beneficial collaboration in this direction.

In order to reach the parity and ensure meeting the needs of the users, participating in sale/exchange/transfer under common conditions, the ratio of supply and demand should be approximately equal to 1:1. For the periods, when everyone wants to acquire and not sell, KyberNetwork utilizes bots and smart contracts. There comes the “shifting” of the excess of funds to the centralized platforms and procurement of the lacking coins at the most profitable rate.

In order to prevent the risks of fraud within the reserve funds, the platform applies the precautionary measures, while requiring the additional approval of any exchange rate, that doesn’t conform with the predefined framework. With the aim of protection of the assets of the public reserve, the deals, utilizing them, are conducted by means of transparent assets management. Besides, the assets of the public reserves become available for sending only to the addresses that were approved beforehand.

The token of the platform is KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) of the standard ERC20 Ethereum.


Total emission of the token amounts to 211 432 813 KNC. The ICO was conducted on 15-16th of September, 2017, and as a result thereof $52 million were attracted (with the limit of $46 million).

The price of the token was equal to $0,38.

In January, 2018, the highest ROI after the ICO conducted amounted to USD 14.7x  (1370.3%).

Currently, the coin us traded at the price of $0,689, that can be observed on the chart below.

Charts of capitalization and value of KNC token
Charts of capitalization and value of KNC token

KNC token has passed listing on exchange platforms, among which there are Inanomo , Coinbase Pro, Binance, MXC, UpBit and is most often traded in the following pair combinations KNC/USD, KNC/BTC , KNC/USDT , KNC/ETH.

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