Cryptocurrency GTO: price and news of the GIFTO project

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ICO of the project -  12.2017

Supporting the standards - ERC20 Ethereum, BEP2 Binance Chain.

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Market capitalization – around $6,5 million USD

Total emission - 1 000 000 000 GTO

In circulation -  654 212 222 GTO

Coinmarketcap rating - № 402

Maximal price of the token over the price - $ 1,05 USD

Minimal price of the token over the price - $ 0,007461 USD


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GTO cruptocurrency review

Originally, GIFTO was designed as a protocol, enabling to create virtual gifts, share and send them to the content creators as a reward in many popular social networks (inter alia, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). Previously, in June of 2016 the team of developers launched and realized social app Uplive, which was rapidly gaining popularity.

The number of users of the app has exceeded 20 million persons. By August, 2017 the number of creators of the content on the basis of the app exceeded 60 000. Moving on with their work, according to the Whitepaper, the developers arrived at the next stage of development of their Universal Gifting or the idea, that was embodied in Gifto project – as the next stage of Uplive project development. Having thoroughly analysed all the technical and marketing deficiencies and having conducted research of the market of decentralized mobile applications (DApps), the developers brought to life several significant additions to already existing solutions and opportunities, presented in Uplive. These additions led to transformation and complete integration of Uplive in Gifro to one uniform ecosystem of virtual presents.

GIFTO ecosystem
GIFTO ecosystem

Thus, Gifto stopped being a simple protocol of interactions and turned into a real platform, already underlying not only virtual gifts along with their variations, but also own blockchain network and wallet (Gift Wallet).

Gifto’s aim is to make the exchange of values between the creators of the content and admirers, having exempting them from a unified platform with centralized control, like Uplive or YouTube.

Thanks to integration of the Gifto wallet with Uplive and appearance of Universal Gifting Dashboard, the developers made a decisive move in this direction. However, due to structural limitations of Ethereum infrastructure, Universal Gifting has been working in the hybrid chain and hasn’t been completely decentralized and opened. Besides, Universal Gifting was oriented towards content creators and their admirers and had an opportunity to support solely GTO token.


These days, official blog of the platform has proudly announced the launch of Gifto 3.0 update – the first in the world versatile blockchain platform of virtual gifts, defined by four core principles:


  1. Versatility of tokens’ support,
  2. Support of the universal platform,
  3. Tunability,
  4. Decentralization.


Versatile support of tokens.

All the tokens, including BTC, BNB, ETH, Stablecoin etc. can be utilized for creation, sending and exchanging the gifts, not only GTO. The access to virtual gifts only through GTO was significantly limiting the audience reach.

Now the creators of Universal Gifting platform will be able to procure, send and buy out the gifts in any way from those provided.

Support of the universal platform.

Users of any social network platform can use the platform Universal Gifting for simple creation or sending of crypto-gifts by means of ID of their friends’ accounts or simply directly through social networks.

Gifto Wallet is compatible with all the major social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram и Telegram.


The wallet and the network Gifto are the first in the world to use open standards of virtual gifts, while supporting holiday cards, stickers, “gifs” and collection items of Augmented Reality, awards for loyalty and many other things. It can be memes, electronic cards, loyalty badges, prizes for communities, art symbolic or even special branded virtual goods.

Gifto network supports 2D and 3D gifts, as well as animated, interactive and the ones with augmented reality functions and many others. Users of the wallet Gifto are simply uploading an asset, for instance, an image, and set the properties of the token such as name, offer, cost of sale or even price of utilization.

Users will be able to unleash their creative abilities in blockchain with help of Gift Creator, that is simple in use and send the result with such tokens as BTC, ETH, Libra and so on.


New architecture of Gifto ecosystem also includes publicly available blockchain, intended for creation and exchange of all the tokens and virtual gifts. Blockchain network Gifto uses consensus algorithm with delegated proof of stake for fast, secure and accurate processing of transactions. It will write down all the transactions and events of creation of virtual gifts in a transparent wat, while enabling the fare remuneration to those, who work and expand the network.

New economics of GTO tokens.

New architecture of the universal platform allows to expand the usefulness of GTO tokens beyond the borders of payment and gifts, and includes also distribution of privileges and remunerations, such as limits of sending and creation of gifts, lower fees for gifts sending, lower fees for gifts creation, and also privileges of super nods, including receipt of a share of commissions for transactions. This model was well proven by the current exchanges, such as BNB Finance and public networks. Thus, GTO remains the main marker in the centre of Gifto ecosystem.

Stablecoins fit more for procurement, exchange and remunerations, and we have been ascertained that this is verified by successful appearance of ecosystems with two tokens in other projects. It is planned to use the stablecoin of Gifto network for payment of fees and remunerations and also there will be an opportunity to withdraw / exchange them to other main tokens through Gifto applications.

Gifto Wallet.

Gifto Wallet - is the very heart of the platform’s ecosystem.

Over the last 1,5 years the developers have turned the wallet into one of the freest (from headache caused by entrance and access) and convenient in use cryptographies for mass users.

GIFTO wallet
GIFTO wallet

Cross-platform Gifto wallet is operating on different platforms and is already available in Uplive, Web and Giftomon game. Now its expansion is being planned for support of Telegram and other messengers, in Android and IoS. It will ensure easy access for new users, who don’t have experience in trading cryptocurrencies of exchanging coins.

In contrast to an earlier period, when Gifto would work in a hybrid chain (on the basis of ERC20 Ethereum), all the transactions to/from Gifto wallet will be tracked down in the publicly accessible chain Gifto and Gift Stablecoin will be used for precise delivery of contributions, remunerations and stake privileges.

DPoS algorithm (delegated proof of stake) will balance the productivity with decentralization. A block of 2Mb, created every 5 seconds, stores minimum 5000 transactions. It will allow the network to process around 84 million transactions a day.

On 14th of December 2017, ICO was conducted, resulting at attraction of $10 million.

Total emission amounted to 1 000 000 000 GTO.

GTO token distribution
GTO token distribution

To date, there are  654 212 222 GTO tokens in circulation.

Total market capitalization approximately amounts to $ 6,6 million.

The highest token price was observed on 12.2018 – it was equal to $ 1,05 USD.

The minimal one - $0,007461 USD.

Charts of capitalization and value of GTO token
Charts of capitalization and value of GTO token

GTO token has passed listing on exchange platforms, among which there are Inanomo , OKEx, Kryptono, Binance and is most often traded in the following pair combinations  GTO/USDT , GTO/BTC , GTO/ETH

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