Cryptocurrency EVX: what is that and last news the Everex project


Project launch – 2017

Country – Bangkok, Thailand

Token standard - ERC20 Ethereum

Listing -

Market capitalization – more than $5,6 million

Total emission – 25 000 000  EVX

In circulation -  22 700 000  EVX

Coinmarketcap rating - № 447

Maximal token price over the time - $7,36

Minimal token price over the time - $ 0,179


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EVX cruptocurrency review

Everex - is the first transparent global mircrofinancial company, built on the basis of Ethereum (standard ERC-20), that has become one of the first teams to create apps on Ethereum. Everex has many years of experience in the sphere of blockchain.

It has developed the first and the only service of remittances and microfinancing on the ground of blockchain for fiat currencies, relying on the network of international partners and own existing products – Everex Mobile wallet and Everex CryptoCash.

Solutions of Everex allow to carry out uninterrupted settlements on transactions for global and internal payments 25 times faster at almost zero value, providing users with more effective access to financing.

The company is extensively implementing the technology of Ethereum network as a new direction for financial transactions, in order to challenge existing traditional solutions of payment systems and solve a growing problem of global financial accessibility.

Concept and, at the same time, goal for developments was integration of blockchain technology, developed mobile infrastructure and software in order to enable the access to financial services at any place for billions of people who are lacking access to bank products and services, and becoming a part of global economy. The priority task is considered creation of financial ecosystem, where the majority of digital wallets are operating on the basis of Everex technology, ensuring the functional interoperability on the basis of blockchain between thousands of global digital wallets, that currently don’t interact with each other. This solution is capable of enhancing the opportunities of P2P payments for natural persons and small and medium enterprises, ensuring economic growth in the regions, underserved by banks.

Everex became the first company on the base of Ethereum blockchain, that offers transboundary services of microcrediting and the first company, that is carrying out all the financial activity in blockchain transparently for audit.

It has proposed the following opportunities on its platform:


Everex doesn’t work on the basis of P2P loans. Instead, the company is investing its combined capital in order to provide the services of microcrediting, accessible on mobile devices instantly and all over the world.

Microlending through smartphones allows Everex to provide loans at professional level of risk management. Using advanced technologies, Everex calculates personal credit rating and defines the level of risk and interest rates on the basis of individual information and user’s behaviour. It allows to provide loans to billions of people, who cannot receive an access to the services of micro-lending through traditional channels.

2.Cashing out and trade.

Everex operations are held on the basis of 100% secured currencies Cryptocash on the basis of Ethereum. For each Cryptocash dollar one US dollar is deposited on publicly visible account of the third party. Cryptocash can be put out upon desire, consequently, it’s not linked to the price of its fiat analogue. As a result, it provides fiat money with an opportunity to move all around the world with a speed of blockchain.

3. Wallet and blockchain browser technology.

In order to fulfill its concept, Everex has developed one of the first mobile wallets Ethereum, capable of placing and transferring ERC-20 coins, that allows users to buy, store, convert and transfer digital currencies through blockchain. Payments are easily controllable by financial institutions or corporations for easily traceable transactions.

Electronic wallet is available for physical persons and small and medium enterprises all over the world, which allows to conduct direct payments between cryptocurrency and paper currencies with short settlement periods.

For persons with limited or closed access to banking financial services, Everex provides instant access to services of microfinancing and cheap services of global remittances to more than 2 billion physical persons, who don’t have bank accounts.

Migrant workers and their families are offered the fastest, the cheapest and the easiest way to send money home and help families.

Tourists and expats are proposed to abandon traveler’s checks and high commissions for currency exchange, instead buying and using any currency in any part of the world.

Organizations dealing with aid provision, as well as NGO and governments, thanks to simplified program of foreign and domestic help, are offered with distribution of funds to developing countries, that can be easily and publicly verified.

Business is proposed an opportunity of international remittances, exchanges between national currency and cryptocurrency, as well as trade and crediting for physical persons, non-financial and financial services without use of outdated payment system, such as SWIFT. Drastical decrease of operational costs due to reduction of the number of financial intermediaries in P2P transactions.

Time of settlements – less than 1 minute, instant access to funds leads to acceleration of capital turnover for small and medium enterprises and to acceleration of economic growth.

In order to realize its global concept and ensure the potential of the platform, common interaction between all the participants (users) of the ecosystem, Everex company carried out emission of 25 000 000 EVX tokens of ERC-20 Ethereum standard.

In July-August 2017 ICO was held, during which $25,840 million were collected.

The peak price of token was observed in January, 2018, when it rose to $7,36 per token, and market capitalization amounted to appr. $140 million.

To date, the indicators are more moderate : $0,248 per token with market capitalization of the project -  $5643787.

Charts of capitalization and value of EVX token
Charts of capitalization and value of EVX token

EVX has passed listing on exchange platforms, among which there are Inanomo , Bilaxy, Huobi Global/Korea, Binance,  and is traded in the pair combinations EVX/BTC , EVX/ETH

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